Cameras to detect drivers changing lanes without Indicators

Saudi Traffic police have tweeted that automatic cameras to detect drivers changing lanes without indicators would be activated from Nov 21.

Initially, these cameras have been installed in the 3 major cities of Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam.

The automatic surveillance of the motorist would be implemented as they change the lanes without signaling. The motorists should always keep in their lane and if want to shift lanes, should first signal. Now there would be automatic surveillance of the motorist for changing the lanes.

4 Features of the Cameras installed with Signboards

The new cameras installed on road signboards can detect the following 4 traffic violations.

  1. Changing lanes without indicators.
  2. Using cell phones while driving – SR 500.
  3. The violation of Seatbelts – SR 150.
  4. Over speeding – SR 300.

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