What is the camel price in Saudi Arabia?

Camel is among the most sold and bought animal in Saudi Arabia. Not only it is used for for providing food, entertainment and labor, but also it is in-rooted in the traditions of the country. The price at which a camel is traded depends on many factors such as type, color, size and breed.

It is the national animal of Saudi Arabia whose meat is enjoyed and whose beast-like capabilities are utilized for toiling in the dessert. But what is the camel price in Saudi Arabia? Is Camel cheap in Saudi Arabia? 

Buraydah Camel Market

Well, buying a camel in Saudi Arabia can be a wholesome experience. While there are big and small markets where camel trade takes place, the one of the most famous one is the Buraydah Camel Market which is located in Burayadah Al Qasim region in Central Saudi Arabia.

Price of Camel

This market opens after the Fajr prayers and is equipped with all types of Arabian Camel breeds. The price of the camels in Saudi Arabia range from SR 50,000 to SR 1 million depending upon the breed.

Price of Camel in Saudi Arabia

Most Beautiful Camel

Khuzama (camel) was undoubtedly the most beautiful camel in Saudi Arabia. The owner Nasser bin Mubarak bin Qurei Al-Brik refused an offer of SR 30 million to sell the camel. However, Khuzama could not last for long and died shortly after that.

Khuzama - Most Beautiful Camel in Saudi Arabia
Khuzama – Most Beautiful Camel in Saudi Arabia

What is it used for?

In Saudi Arabia, camels are used for race, riding and eating. Thus, if you want a camel that for enjoying food, you will need to opt for a younger one whose meat is tender.

While if you wish to enjoy camel ride and camel race, then you should opt for stronger and muscular camel. Camels prices vary from region to region and from breed to breed. However, this is an approximate range.

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