Where to buy Gold in Makkah?

Pilgrims coming from around the world are fascinated to buy Saudi gold but don’t know where to buy it. There are mainly 2 gold markets in Makkah and in the rest of the places you will find single gold shops.

Makkah Clock Tower

There are some shops in Makkah clock tower from where you can buy gold but be ready to pay a higher price as the shops are very few and buyers don’t have many options.

Where to buy Gold in Makkah?

Ibrahim Khalil Road

There are many gold shops at Ibrahim Khalil Road in Makkah but that too are targeting Umrah and Hajj pilgrims and hence offering higher prices.

  • Ibrahim Khalil Road Gold Market location.

Should I buy gold Makkah?

If you want to buy a small gold item for someone, you can buy it from Makkah. However, in case you are planning to buy heavy jewelry, better buy it either from Jeddah or Madina.

The prices of gold in the Jeddah market would be lower than in Madina and Makkah so better buy it from there.

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