5 Home Based Business Ideas for Women in Saudi Arabia

Have you ever missed the freedom you women had back in your state, in your country? Don’t you miss out heading out to the movies to enjoy the day and get your mind off from the house load or the jobs you had in your hometown? Now you’re in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and you won’t generally have much of work to do here. The reason being is that women do not normally work and in general cannot find jobs easily as they did back in the United States or other parts of the world. Our blog can provide you with solutions and honest opinions and advice for all those men and women that need second opinions. Today’s read will give you deserted women some options that you can work with to ease your boredom and free time.[irp]

Since being a housewife in the Kingdom means being a housewife only, you are restricted to stay within the four walls of your compound. All you can generally do is to manage your house and cater the needs of your children and husband. Women in Saudi Arabia are generally treated like Queens as the hard-working husbands reward them with gold and jewelry. Though, this eventually isn’t enough for the overseas housewives. Soon with time, everyone will get used to the boring lifestyle here but sometimes you can speed it up and alter it as well. Here are a few ways you can accomplish scaring the boredom away! Here we are going to present some ideas for the deserted housewives to start their business. But keep in mind, you are not allowed to do business by law. It is considered illegal so you cannot advertise yourself in a newspaper or any other formal channels.[irp]

HOME COOKING SERVICES: This is one of the recent trends that some women have begun to adopt. You housewives want to spend their time and keep things busy? Master a dish or two, whether something savory or spicy, something sweet or cold-cook it up, master it and sell it out to your neighbors and friends and see what they have to say about it. Once they like it they will market it freely and soon enough you’ll get orders. You can earn, pass most of your time and get renowned for something that you have grown to love.

BABYSITTING: The other thing you can work on is taking in kids of your neighbors who work and need to leave their children under the protection of someone trustworthy. Not everyone in the Kingdom can afford a nanny and thus your babysitting services will provide to be a bit cheap and economical. You can take in a child at first and gradually make your way up and take up more children once you get the hang of it.

SALESWOMAN: When you have to wait for your children at school you generally get the chance to socialize with other moms. Use this opportunity wisely and try selling out AVON, Oriflamme, and Natasha products.

Beautician: If you know how to apply makeup on others, you can start makeup service at your home. I am not asking you to start proper beauty parlor but just start makeup service. You can start it with almost zero investment. People will come to you for Bridal and Party makeup. It is very safe since you will be applying makeup at your home. It is a good business opportunity to keep deserted housewives busy.

Photographer: If you know some basics of photography, you can easily become a party photographer. Here in Saudi Arabia, male and female participants are segregated. The male photographer cannot come to female side. You can accompany such male photographer or start your business yourself. People will hire you only for the female side of the function. It will be fun since you will be meeting other women. After that, you will have to edit the pictures and deliver it to them. You don’t even have to print them nowadays. Everyone needs them in electronic format.

That wraps about most of it. Apart from that, you can search for jobs if you are a doctor or a nurse. If you can’t do either you can always teach children or women something you know well including arts and crafts or music!

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.