Saudi Brother & Sister gave Birth to 8 Children

The marriage of brother and sister is prohibited in all societies, cultures, and religions of the world. Islam goes a step further by prohibiting the marriage of even those children who have been nursed by the same woman.

These types of brothers and sisters are called رضاعي (Radai) brother and sister in Islam. Islam prohibits any marital relationship between رضاعي (Radai) relations. In fact, the lady who has nursed them is called their رضاعي (Radai) mother. Something happened in Saudi Arabia which prompted us to write this article.

Local Saudi Arab Media reported that a couple who had been married and living together from the last 25 years has been declared رضاعي BROTHER & SISTER by the court. The couple has 8 children and they were not aware of this relationship.

An 80 years old lady who nursed them gave this statement in the court of Najran. Court has ordered them to live separately from immediate effect until the time a final decision is released.

However, there are chances that the decision of separation will be overturned because she is a single woman giving this statement. According to a different school of thought in Islam, there might be a need for a statement of at least one man or several women in order to nullify this marriage.

But one school of thought also states that if a woman who nursed them is giving such a statement, there is no need to have any other statement from any person.

Source: Arab News

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