British man who was held for being caught with WINE in Jeddah, released by authorities

74 years old Karl Andre, Briton from London, was in prison for making homemade wine in Jeddah and was later released by Saudi Arabia. While his release, he stated that he is extremely embarrassed and ashamed for being caught at such an early stage and about the actions that led him to arrest. 

He added that he would not have been in this situation if he would have thought about it before starting anything like that. He felt extremely shameful and humiliated and said that the guilt took several days to go away.

He was extremely saddened how he lost an entire precious year of his life and that too one of the most important years of his life. 

He has spent a lot of sleepless nights and says that he is not sure how much time it will take for him to recover from this incident that was no less than a nightmare for him.

But he even added that he had an extremely supportive family who still loves him to bits and that he would do anything to rebuild his life. However, he truly regrets the twilight part of his life that has truly gone to waste only because of his shameful act.

He even thanked Prime Minister along with the foreign secretary Philip Hammond, who kept their busy schedules aside and dealt with his case. He was even seen to be appreciating and thanking the Saudis for their support and effort too.

He, in fact, thanked each and every person who supported him and stood by his side in one of the most horrifying incidents of his life.

By keeping serious crimes in Saudi Arabia aside, one of the main concerns with local laws for travelers in Saudi is following Islamic codes of morality.

Not following Islamic laws as stated by the government can be a lot strict than one can possibly imagine.  In fact, you can get into a lot more trouble than you would have ever expected.

The Mattawan, also known as the religious police are very keen on enforcing Islamic codes of morality and they take their position and occupation very seriously. 

Being a very strict Muslim country, Saudi Arabia has very strict rules and regulations on imports. The none-Islamic material, pormography, and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

Alcohol is not only forbidden but even illegal throughout the country. In fact, anything that is not Islamic is banned and illegal in Saudi Arabia. Even computers or DVDs can be taken from you if any forbidden stuff is found in it.

It should also be noted that observing any other religion other than Islam publicly is a crime too, so one should be careful of that too. 

Therefore, before going to any other country, that has rules opposite to your country, it is very important for every individual to study that particular country before leaving for that place, in order to prevent yourself from any kind of trouble especially in a strict country like Saudi Arabia.

Source: Arab News

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