Brides for Sale: Chinese men lure Pakistani girls with marriage

The Pakistani Government has just issued a statement that tends to inform about the Chinese Mafia involved in human trafficking for prosecution. The Mafia was conducting “fake” marriages through Chinese groom and would force the girls into prosecution to earn hefty profits.

According to the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad, the unlawful matchmaking centers have been supporting the Mafia to earn money. The Pakistani government has taken radical steps to eradicate these unlawful matchmaking centers.

5133 Chinese men lure Pakistani girls with marriage for human trafficking 01

They attract girls with poor background

The Christian girls or girls with a poor economic background were lured for the wedding with Chinese man claiming that all the expenditure would be incurred by the groom and the girl shall settle abroad after marriage. The Chinese men are either working in Pakistan or are at a visit visa.

The mafia has produced fake documents of the Chinese men claiming that they are either Muslims or Christians. They marry the poor girls and force them into prostitution.

Rev Johan Qadir, who is a Dubai based Christian leader of Pakistan informed that churches around Pakistan are educating the Christians about the mafia and warning the community not to fall prey. He stressed that the government should take concrete steps to end these unlawful activities of such mafias.

He said, “We request Prime Minister Imran Khan to take serious notice of this exploitation of the poor girls as many of them are forced into prostitution after their weddings.”

The mafia would use middlemen promising the girl’s family of a bright future and financial assistance. The girls were then trafficked to China where they were either used for prosecution or their organs were sold.

Many Chinese have settled in Pakistan

Since the inception of CPEC, a good number of Chinese men have settled in Pakistan, they have even invested in Pakistan in terms of Houses and cars. Some of these men were being used for women trafficking.

The illegal matchmaking centers had even placed banners in Lahore at Youhanabad to attract the families to get their daughters married to Chinese men.

One of the banners read: “Long live Pak-China friendship! Attention honorable Christians. Proposals of deserving, poor and good families are urgently required for China. Chinese family will bear all expenses. Education is not a problem.”

5133 Chinese men lure Pakistani girls with marriage for human trafficking

The Chinese embassy responded that the blames are baseless. China strictly condemns human trafficking and sales of organs. Yet it did notice an unusual increase in the profits of certain matchmaking centers by holding cross border marriages.

The Pakistani government officials briefed that Pakistan is in close contact with China upon the matter of fake marriages and thereby has urged them to take reasonable action.

The private matchmaking centers were found guilty of holding such marriages and most of the complaints hailed from Lahore and Abbottabad.

Source: Gulf News

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