Marriage canceled: Bride asked the mobile password of groom

A Saudi girl demanded the mobile password of her fiance before signing the marriage agreement.  When the request was discussed with the groom, he blatantly refused it and hence the marriage was canceled.

It is the right of the wife

At this point, Saleh Bukhari, a marriage official said, the conditions are set in the marriage contract after taking opinions from both the side. 

Some wives place weird conditions and husbands too manage to accept them. The conditions are to be set between the soulmates as they are destined to be with each other.

He further added that this is the right of both the parties and the contracts can only be successful if they are mutually respected.

Some common demands by wives

Talking further on the demands made by the women during their marriage, Bukhari said, mostly women demand an independent home, luxury cars, housemaids or not restraining them from driving, and some demand their husband not to marry other women.

However, demanding the mobile password is quite unusual demand. In the end, he said that the person getting married should try to do their utmost to make their partner happy and satisfied in every aspect of life.

A social counselor Ali Al Ghamdi said that no one can keep a check on their partner all the time or control their social circle. If there is trust between the couple then there is no need for a mobile password.

Source: Gulf News

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