5 best boxing and kickboxing gyms in Riyadh

Saudi youth including males and females can learn boxing and kickboxing from one of the following 5 gyms in Riyadh.

Arena Fitness Innovation

Area fitness innovation is one of the largest gyms in Riyadh with too much to offer including boxing and kickboxing both for males and females.

The boxing trainers are good and professional and they will provide very good boxing lessons and training.

Although some believe that they need to work on their boxing training and improve the area, but still, the services are good and competitive.


9Round is a famous boxing gym both for men and women with several branches in Riyadh.Β They surely value boxing by providing the best bags and trainers.

With time, you will see yourself getting in shape and having the motivation for health and fitness. By no doubt, the trainers know how to instill motivation in you. The environment and the architecture of the place are praise-worthy. They also have Ladies only branch in Riyadh!

9round -  boxing and kickboxing gym in Riyadh

Riyadh combat club

One of the favorite fitness and boxing places in Riyadh is the Riyadh Combat Club. The trainers are top-notch and attentive. They listen to your problems and have a keen eye on you.

The way they get to know your mistake is amazing. They are also highly professional in demonstrating the techniques.

Fighting Fit

Fighting fit sure knows how to take in beginners. If you are a beginner in boxing or kickboxing then fighting fit is the gym to join. They keep it slow and steady and make sure you evolve in your technique.

Boxing techniques are given with peace. The trainers are never in a rush and are ready to work on each participant individually. Which is the best part of this place. You will love spending hours here without even noticing the time fly.

Fighting Fit - kickboxing gym in Riyadh

House of Warriors MMA

They are motivated to make you a fighting professional. All big names in fighting have a root in Warriors MMA. They have proudly produced some of the best fighting champs. Thus, there is no doubt about their training and their techniques.

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