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Are you interested in how to find safe and healthy accommodation in Poland, Slovakia, Austria or any other country in Europe?

We share exactly how we do it. We have written this guide to help the many people who read our blog have a successful and safe holiday. For all those who wonder and plan to visit the places we’ve been and written about.

We share all our expertise and advice on online booking in this ultimate guide. We’ve accumulated this over years of booking and staying at 24 different places, all through

This guide has been written for beginners in online booking, but also for people looking for further clarification and advice on related matters.

Cheaper and better deals

There are many reasons for writing this article, one of which is that we can feel quite overwhelmed by the amount of options, features, information and policies that we believe make it difficult to find cheaper and better deals.

This article is primarily for people interested in:

  • You want to book your holiday easily
  • They try to maximize safety on their travels
  • Saving money on vacation
  • Learn about the pitfalls of
  • Save time by focusing on the things that matter has one of the largest databases of detailed information on tourist properties and rooms in all of Europe and a complete online reservation system that mediates the connection between guests and the hotel. Also an army of editors who work very hard to keep all property listings up to date.

Although booking offers a large number of hotels, the most popular type of real estate is apartments in small to medium-sized residences.We have booked a total of 24 different accommodations through between 2013-2020 and it has never been more convenient. We haven’t had any issues with it, but we do have some warnings about a few things in the later parts. It’s the best way to travel to the destinations we often write about on the blog – especially for foreigners, but not only.

Offers a large number of hotels

We are proud to already help many people on their journeys. In exchange for every booking you make through our link:, we will make a small commission if you choose to use it. These commissions do not affect the price of the room. Thanks to this, it saves our blog from extinction, promotes tourism, nature, an active and healthy lifestyle.If you like what we do and want to travel similarly, please consider booking using our link. you decide.

Is safe to use?

We usually worry about our safety when traveling abroad. Relife should come from the primary safety space, which should be our apartment. Therefore, it always pays to invest a little more time and have a better experience in the end.

Properties cannot automatically connect to a listing. For property owners, the only possible way to join the list is to add one of the staff. Before the residency ends in the system, it must be approved, reviewed and have a legal contract with the portal itself. Having this third-party worker can greatly reduce the possibility of online fraud.

In addition, the safest properties are those with a high number of positive reviews as an indicator of reliability. Some properties will be newly added with no or only a few reviews, when looking for the safest option, we should give preference to long-term verified offers with a lot of positive reviews. If there is a problem with a property and a lot of complaints, we can be more than sure that it won’t stay listed for very long.

To summarize, is only an intermediary, but a good one. It does all the work in managing property pages and authentication. As a broker, they cannot guarantee 100% what will happen outside of their website, but they greatly minimize the risks. It is one of the safest ways to book visits as it is used by many people and properties are constantly checked or flagged if necessary.

Conclusion was designed to be used without these instructions. But in our opinion, he intends information noise and a little lack of marketing. To keep it all under control, we should apply all the knowledge and advice from this place to our next journey.


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