How to visit Almarai dairy farm?

Almarai offers a free visit to its dairy factories and bakery in AlKharj and the ALYOUM poultry project in Hail. It could be a good activity to do if you are visiting Al Kharj.

Book Almarai Factory Visit

In order to book an Almarai factory visit;

Starting with departure from Riyadh to Alkharj which takes around 1:30 hours. Then the tour starts at either the farm or factory.

On this visit, you will witness how Almarai operates its central processing plant and farm in Alkharj city. The total trip time is around 5 hours. 

How to book Almarai factory visit?

Details of the visit

Here are the further details about the trip plan to Almarai Dairy farm;

  • All Visits are Free.
  • Almarai arranges buses in Riyadh & AlKharj to visit cow farms and Almarai dairy factories and bakery in AlKharj.
  • Almarai arranges buses in Al Qassim and Hail to visit the ALYOUM poultry project in Hail.
  • The maximum allowed number of visitors for each booking is 49 visitors.

Details about Almarai Dairy Farm

  • There are around 46,000 animals on this farm.
  • The cows produce around 1 million liters every day.

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