Saudi in Jail for 16 years for not paying blood money

Mamdouh Al-Tuloohi was responsible for an accident that took 17 lives of Bangladeshi expatriates. The families of those people have demanded blood money (Diyyah) instead of capital punishment for him.

He did not have insurance

Unfortunately, he did not even have third-party insurance and now he cannot pay SR 5.1 million blood money. Now he has been in Jail for 16 years. This is how important an SR 500 third-party car insurance is.

I have been persuading readers of this blog to have at least third-party insurance for their vehicles so that they can be compensated in such kinds of events.

The family has requested help

Mamdouh Al-Tuloohi has spent the past 16 years in jail because of his failure to pay the blood money. His relative Mansour said that Mamdouh’s mother is distraught and is very old. She wants to see him released.

I think that the relative Mansour should keep in mind that because of the culprit 17 families lost their earners. He should be thankful that those families didn’t demand capital punishment. 

Source: Al Watan

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