What is CAT 7 cable and why is it ideal for smart home wiring?

Ethernet cables are the plumbing system of network infrastructure. A lot of network installers and experts are well-rounded with different Ethernet cables, such as Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat 7, etc.

When setting up a new network, it’s best to understand what Ethernet cable is most suitable. Whether for running network cables or proofing of smart home wiring system, Ethernet cables are the most ideal choice. However, there should be a certain type that suits your setup perfectly.

Recently, Cat 7 has been the most opted cable type by most users when it comes to smart network installation. To have a better understanding of why this article will share essential details why Cat 7 cable is ideal for your smart home wiring.

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What is Cat 7 Cable?

Category 7 Ethernet cable allows a 10 Gbps of data transmission, however because of laboratory tests, it can support even up to 100 Gbps. The most recent cable can even support up to 600 Mhz frequencies. Cat 7 provides sufficient shielding to lower down signal depreciation and is sturdy compared to initial Ethernet cables used before. Also, Cat 7 is ideal for large data centers and enterprise network companies.

Difference Between Cat 7 and other Related Cables

So what makes Cat 7 cable the ideal one? Though it can be a bit expensive, Cat 7 differs from its related Ethernet cables in terms of standards and quality. It has a twisted pair shielding, which effectively improves resistance to noises.

It has a longer lifespan and is more sturdy compared to Cat 6 and Cat 5 cables. The best option for most advanced wiring infrastructure in the future that will create a big return of investment to business owners.

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Why is it Ideal to Use Cat 7 Cable?

Cat 7 has been the favorite of some since it became available in the market. These are the following reasons why:

  1. More Advanced

Indeed, we don’t know what will happen in the future, and to make it more sensical, let’s say you’re planning a new home with more modernized equipment and cabling system. With Cat 7 cable in place, you can maximize and create a more flexible cabling infrastructure. A cabling system that will save you from possible re-wiring expenses for new installations in the years to come.

  1. It is Feasible

There were a lot of tests done to prove the capacity of a Cat 7 cable from network experts and installers, and yes, every test done proves how more feasible a Cat 7 cable is than other preceding cables. Therefore, it is more reliable to use for your Smart Home system.

  1. Complete with Double Shielding Twisted Pair

Compared to Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables, Cat 7 has more flexibility to withstand interference. This is because it is completely covered with double shielding twisted pair.

  1. The Copper Section is Far Better

Cat 7 cable has a way larger copper section which allows it to produce more power and less voltage. Not only that, each core of a Cat 7 cable is easier to manage.

  1. The Quality is Directly Proportional to Price

Cat 7 is indeed more expensive. On an average price scale on Google shopping search result, Cat 6 cable costs around $200 with a 250m / 820ft in measure. Hence in terms of cost, for a 250m / 820ft length, there’s a difference of around $25 if compared to that of a Cat 7 cable.

Besides, a standard house will often need 750 meters / 2500ft cable length, this is equivalent to three cable boxes. That is somehow an average price difference of $75 between Cat 6 cable and Cat 7 cable. This is not bad considering all the costs involved if you wish to have a much sturdy Ethernet cable for your house.

  1. Proven Faster Data Transmission

If you wish to futureproof your network system, Cat 7 cable is proven to be the most ideal. It supports a 40 Gbps speed, which is good, however, frequencies that support Cat 7 cable to transmit data at an incredible speed are not fully supported by some home networking system. Still, with the ever-growing demand for technology innovation, Cat 7 will be compatible to all houses and network system.

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Whether for smart home wiring, online network installation, or other cabling applications, choosing the right cable matters. Cat 7 provides a more comprehensive and sturdy way to support faster data transmission, especially when building a future cabling system. However, Cat 7 cable is not compatible with all devices, hence it is best to seek help from your cable manufacturer before buying.

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