7 Useful Hacks for a Decent Hostel Life

Moving into a hostel can be difficult. You have to leave a lot of stuff behind. Moreover, if this is your first time, then making the right choices can be tricky. You have to rely on so many things in your daily life. You feel like you need to bring everything with yourself to the hostel. However, due to the limit in space, you can only bring the bare essentials.

To make sure that you have all the necessary things, you need to plan. You can ask around for advice. In this way, you will be well-prepared when you arrive at your room which the management allocates to you.

However, you will have to rely on some techniques to survive and thrive in your hostel life. There are some shortcuts you can try. These tips will not only make your life comfortable but also help you save some money as well.

  1. Try Saving Space

In a hostel, you usually have to share a room with two or more occupants. Therefore, space is congested. You can make the most of it from the storage space that you get. You have to learn how to save maximum space.  Here are some steps you can take:

  • Try folding your clothes in such a way that you end up using as little space in your clothes cabinet.
  • Use stuff in mini versions. For example, you can use small bottles of shampoo, perfume, or body spray. Moreover, you can use small bars of soap or toothpaste tube.
  • Only bring those things with you that are essential.  You can buy other stuff later on, whenever the need arises. The fewer possessions you will have, the less will be the number of things you will have to store.
  • Try buying disposable things so that you can easily discard them after use. It will help you avoid hoarding goods.

5273 5 Useful Hacks for a Decent Hostel Life

  1. Prevent Sleep Deprivation

When you are living in a hostel, the number one problem you will face will be the lack of sleep. To prevent that you will have to make up a proper schedule. Try to follow it strictly. You can take help of your roommates. If you want to go to sleep on time, do not use gadgets such as mobile or tablet about twenty minutes before sleeping. You will instantly fall asleep.

If you are still having trouble sleeping than a little light reading will help you relax. You will doze off in no time whatsoever. Avoid drinking tea or coffee before sleeping. Also try not to eat chocolate or such products, as they stimulate you causing restlessness.

  1. Bring a Backpack

A backpack is your essential packing tool for everyday carry. You can gather the necessary items in it for safekeeping. Moreover, it can double over as a storage container. You can keep your dirty clothes in it or your books if you like. You can use it to carry stuff like laptop, books and other gadgets as well. Buy a bigger pack so that you can use it for multiple functions.

You can move them around whenever you have to use a particular space, so carrying the stuff will be easy. Moreover, you are less likely to lose things if you have it all in one place.

  1. DIY Organizers

You can buy containers in all sizes from your local supermarket. However, if you do not have a container of your particular requirement, you can always build one. All you need is some empty container. You can get a milk or juice carton and cut it with the help of scissors.

In case you want a bigger box than tape it together with other cardboard boxes. They allow you to store your things in an organized fashion. The benefit of having storage containers is that you can store a lot of stuff in a limited space.

  1. Get a Lap Desk

When you are sitting in a bed and do not want to move to your study desk, you can use a lap desk. It is practically a mini desk for people who prefer to do the work from the comfort of their bed. You can put a laptop or tablet on it. If you want to read or write, you can easily use the mini desk. The desk is not available in your usual market stores so you will have to find it in the supply store.

If you cannot find the one that fits your needs, you can always make it yourself using tools and a few handicraft skills. However, if you are unable to make it, then it's better, you hire the services of a carpenter. If you spend a little extra money, you will get a product that will prove helpful to you.

  1. Use a LED Lamp

Sharing room with people who are studying in a different department can be difficult. Their timing may be different from yours. So when you are studying or completing some office assignment, you will need to be careful not to disturb them. You can buy LED lamps which have the option of a narrow beam. You will be able to focus the light on one particular spot.

  1. Bring a Car Phone Holder

A car phone holder can help you when you have to find a place to put your cellphone down. You can buy one with a long extension and attach it to your bedside. This way, you get a mini screen to watch movies or dramas. Moreover, it also makes the cell phone accessible to you when you are lying on your bed. It will also help you place your mobile in one place so that you do not lose it.


The hostel life requires certain ingenuity if you are to have a comfortable routine life. Though it requires a lot of planning, you can always seek out those that have specific experience in this area. One thing you can do is follow the tips mentioned above to make easy adjustments to your life while living away from home.

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