She paused her work, went for Salah and died in Sujood

There was a Quran teacher who would always have this advice from the Holy Quran that I hurry towards the Lord for the sake of pleasing Him. Quran -20:84. This ayat was close to her heart and her lifestyle. She used to leave everything when she would hear the Adhan to offer the prayers.

She used to hurry for prayers on the call to please Allah Almighty. She would be rewarded if she does not hurry and offer after completing her work, but this ayat had hit her that Allah would be pleased if she would be hurrying towards Him.

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She used to rush for Salah

She would tell her students that whatever work she is doing, she leaves it on the call of Adhan as she reminds herself of the ayat. Even if she is sleepy she would get out of a warm and cozy bed leaving behind the sleep and comfort in the mid-night just to please Allah.

She was a married lady. Her husband would call her to prepare food for him while he would be on his way so that when he reaches home, the hot food waits for him. The husband would always like to have his food prepared before his arrival so that he could enjoy food and then take rest.

She was preparing Mahshi that day

One day he had called his wife to make a very time-consuming dish called Mahshi. It is a dish made out of grape leaves. Layers of grape leaves are stuffed and then cooked. The teacher was almost done with wrapping the grape leaves with the stuffing.

Adhan Started

Only three were left, once done with those three, she would put them in the pot to get cooked. Yet the adhan was called. She thought of completing the wrapping and then go for the prayer as while she would pray the dish will get ready.

This Ayat struck to her and she left the wrapping of three grape leaves and went for ablution.  When her husband returned, he found the dish un-cooked and her wife in sujood. He got upset and complained that she should have wrapped the remaining grape leaves and they offer her prayers.

She died while she was in Sujood

To his surprise, his wife did not change position (i.e. remained in sujood) for quite a long time. He went forward and discovered her to be dead! Subhan Allah! She died while she was in sujood. She died while she was hurrying towards her Lord to please Him.

5239 She paused her work, went for Salah and died in Sujood 00

Moral of the story

This story has a great lesson for us. Our death is according to our lives and wish. If our life is devoted to Allah, our death would be a great and simple one. We have forgotten that it is not the work that we are here for. We have been sent to please Allah Almighty, not the people.

If she was like us, finishing work before going for Salah, she would have died in the kitchen, not in sujood. May Allah guide us All.

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