Masjid al Buraq – Prophet Muhammad tied his Buraq here on Miraj night

The Masjid Al Buraq which is a small building located in the southwest corner of the compound of Al Aqsa is a sacred mosque for the Muslims. There is no doubt that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was taken to Masjid Al Aqsa and towards the heavens on the night journey as there is a mention in the Holy Quran.

Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W went to heavens on the night of 26th of Rajab. Many people in sub-continent celebrate it by spending the whole night in Ibadah. People also call this night Shab-e-Miraj or Miraj night.

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What is Buraq?

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was raised towards the heavens from Jerusalem on an animal named Buraq.  Buraq, according to Hadiths is a white colored animal with wings. The animal has great speed and medium height.

It is believed that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W tied the Buraq where the present Masjid Al Buraq is standing thereby the masjid is named as the Masjid al Buraq. The wall, where the animal was tied is now named as the Buraq Wall.

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Even though we have not enough evidence to support the fact that the Buraq was tied to the very wall, yet it is a general belief.

The gifts are given to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W on the Miraj Nights

According to some narrations, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W met different prophets at the 7 levels of the heavens.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was also gifted with 50 daily prayers on the very occasion and he led the Prophet’s prayers on the very night.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W also met Allah Almighty on the night of Miraj and had a conversation. It is said that he returned to Allah to have a concession in the obligatory daily prayers until they were reduced from 50 to 5 only.

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The Wailing Wall or the Buraq Wall

The Buraq wall among the Jews is known as the Wailing Wall as it is believed to be the only structure left of their sacred Herodian temple. Now, it is also commonly known as the western wall.

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The Jews, in the past, were never quite interested in the wall. Even though this is believed to be the only remains of their sacred second temple: the Herodian Temple, yet the wall was never part of the temple. 

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The Buraq wall is built upon a 45 stone course. 28 stone courses are structured above the ground 17 underground stone courses. Interestingly the 4 plain stone courses were built in the Muslim Umayyad period, just above the 17 courses of the Muslim Mamluk period.

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