What is the dream interpretation to see an enemy in a dream?

Is seeing an enemy in a dream a positive sign or a negative one? Shall one get conscious or shall one get relaxed? An enemy could be anyone. Someone who is your rival in the business, one who completes you in the university class or one who lobbies against you in the office. Here are different situations regarding seeing an enemy in a dream and its interpretation.

Important Note: There are 4 types of people with whom one should not discuss a dream. Discussing a dream with these people have a negative effect on dream interpretation.

Meeting an enemy: Meeting an enemy in a dream is a positive sign which can be interpreted as being blessed with honor, signing a profitable treaty, removal of differences or receiving help from Allah.

Getting advice from an enemy: If the enemy is seen giving advice in a dream, then it indicates that the enemy will betray them in real life.

Enemy invading a place: If an enemy invades a place or land in a dream, then it is likely that a flood will come at that place and cause destruction.

Enemy pleasing in a dream: If an enemy is pleasing one in a dream or is having a lively talk with them, then it is a sign that the person would suffer from stress, difficulties, and hardships.

Captured by the enemy: If the enemy has captured one and takes ransom for freedom, then it means that the person has committed sins and is a prisoner of his own sins.

Facing an enemy: Facing an enemy is a sign of being friends with them and removing differences among them.

Threatened by an enemy: If an enemy is seen threatening in the dream, this means that the person will have domination over the enemy.

A promise by the enemy: If the enemy is promising of something good then it indicates that the enemy will fall prey to his own trap.

Disclaimer: The material used for the interpretation of dreams has been extracted from the book “A Concise Guide for the Interpretation of Dreams” written by Mohammad bin Sirin.