Saudi man arrested for slaughtering his wife in front of her daughters

It has been reported that a man, Saudi national around 40 years of age, killed wife with a dragger in front of their 4 years old daughter and then tried to escape into the mountains. It has been revealed that the family belonged to the Beesh Town of Jazan.

This wife of his was his second wife whom he had married 5 years ago and both had two daughters from the marriage, one an infant and one 4 years old. From his previous marriage, he had 11 children.

How did he kill his wife?

The man butchered his wife in presence of their 4 years old daughter and then took the daughter with him to escape through the mountains of Munjid.

A Saudi man in his 40s butchered his wife with a dagger before the eyes of his 4-year-old daughter in Beesh town in Jazan on Thursday and escaped to the nearby Munjid Mountain. The 4 years old was terrified by the incident and started to cry out loud.

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He fleed away

This made the man panicked and he thereby left the car and started to run. The locals noticed a car in mid of the mountains and thought it had broken down and the man was running to find some help. Yet, when they reached the car, the daughter told them that their father had killed their mother with a dagger.

The people called the police immediately who is now able to take the man in their custody. The man kept on pleading, yet the police were keen to arrest the brutal murder.

We are hopeful that the case is looked in carefully and the man is given his due punishment while the daughters are handed down in safe custody.

The brother of the alleged murderer

Saeed Ali Hassan Al-Maliki, a brother of the alleged murderer said that they would not ask for forgiveness for his brother from the parents of his wife. He has committed a heinous crime and should be punished for that.

He also added that currently, their entire focus is to take care of 2 daughters of the victim. They want to give both of them proper upbringing and education.

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The sister of the victim

The sister of the victim said that she knew that there were some problems in the relationship between the husband and the wife. However, she had no idea it could lead to this level. May her soul rest in peace!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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