Which one is better? Indian Mirage 2000 v/s Pakistani F16 Falcon

As India and Pakistan are facing high tensions in their ties and there has been an exchange of harsh words and even small attacks on each other, there has been a debate about which country has a stronger army, air force, and weapons. In this article, we have made a comparison of Indian Mirage 2000 with the Pakistani F16 Falcon.

All of us know that India and Pakistan are two nuclear-armed countries and have plenty of warheads ready to be fired at each other. I think all of us know about the tension between these two countries. These two countries have fought 5 wars against each other in 1948, 1965, 1971, 1984 and 1999. Recommended: What would happen if India and Pakistan start a nuclear war?

A comparison between Indian Mirage 2000 v/s Pakistani F16 Falcon

Here, we will compare the two mighty jets of the two opposing countries. Pakistan has its F16 Falcon while India boosts its strength upon the Mirage 2000. These are considered as the two main aircraft that these countries can use in case of war or defense.

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Indian Mirage 2000

The F16 Falcon is a fighter jet that was given to Pakistan by the US while India’s Mirage 2000 is an Indian combat aircraft that India claims to use it in surgical strikes in Pakistan.

Here is a thorough comparison of Mirage 2000 and F16 Falcon;

Specification Mirage 2000 F16 Falcon
Manufacturer Dassault Aviation Lockheed Martin
USP Fast paced bomber Most Prolific jet
Introduced 1978 1973
Origin France USA
Range 47 feet 49 feet
Engine Single engine fourth generation Single engine supersonic multirole
Range 1550 Km 4220 Km
Crew 1 1
Length 47 FT 49 FT
Wingspan 29 FT 31 FT
Height 17 FT 16FT
Weight 7500 Kg 10000 Kg
Beyond Visual Range 50Km 75Km
Speed 3020 mph 2640 mph
Radar rating Good Excellent
Fuel economy 1.05 KM/L 0.91 KM/L
Flight cost per hour 8280 USD 12000 USD

Cost of the Aircrafts?

The Pakistani F16 Falcon costs an exorbitant amount of $18.8 million USD while the total cost of Indian Mirage 2000 is around $23.7 million USD. It should not be forgotten that the poverty rate of both of these countries is above 20% and still they have to spend a heavy amount every year on their defense to protect themselves from each other.

5003 Which one is better Indian Mirage 2000 vs Pakistani F16 Falcon 02

Pakistani F16 Falcon

Which one is better?

It is very difficult to establish which aircraft is better in terms of performance as well as the ability to fight. Both of these machines are extremely expensive and have the capability to thrash anyone who comes in their ways.

We just hope that the tensions between the two countries deescalate and we do not use them against each other.