6 facts about the Masjid Suqya and Suqya well

There are several mosques around Masjid al Nabwi during the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Masjid Suqya is one of them. You might wonder, what was the need of having a mosque so near to Masjid al Nabawi. Here we are presenting some lesser known facts about Masjid Suqya and Suqya well.

1-The Anbariya train station houses a mosque named Masjid Suqya. We have given its map location at the end of the article for those want to pay a visit to this mosque.

2-It is reported that when Prophet Muhammad PBUH was to leave for the Battle of Badr, he halted here and offered his prayers after performing Wudu or the ablution. He prayed for the Madinah’s residents and then marched along with his army.

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3-Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib (may Allah be pleased with him) who was the Uncle of the Prophet PBUH offered a special prayer of rain known as the Istisqa Prayer at the very location during the era of the second Caliphate.

4-The Suqya well is just located at the south of the masjid Suqya. The well which rests out the wall of the railway station was under possession of Saad ibn Abi Waqqas.

5-The Prophet PBUH used the well’s water not only for ablution but also for drinking purposes. This is the reasons Muslims all around the world consider it a sacred well.

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6-After drawing water for ablution and then offering prayers, the prophet PBUH made the dua for the Madinah and its people. According to ‘Abdullah bin Zaid, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) asked for blessing onto the city of Madinah in measures of Mudd and Sa.

Mudd and Sa are units of measurements. The Prophet asked for blessings as the blessings that were asked by Ibrahim A.S for Makkah by Allah Almighty.