10 Arabic words that only Egyptians use

Well, we need to acknowledge the fact that Egypt is one of the most populated and the most interesting Arab country that we need to discover. The beautiful country’s heritage, people and language are interesting.

Coming towards language, there are these 10 words belonging to Egyptian vocabulary that only Egyptians use and understand. These words seem mysterious to expats and they often get confused. So, worry not, just scroll down!

  1. Tabtab

The word is of course familiar. A famous song of 2006 was based on it. The Arabic song named Ya Tabtab sung by the very famous Nancy Ajram was a huge hit. The song was heard for a long period of time and was well acknowledged.

Wondering what it means? Well, it means to pat or patting/ stroking. The word has Coptic roots.

  1. Washwasha

Egyptians are loud people who would brighten up a street, park or even a sofa. If loud voices are being heard, surely Egyptians are speaking. The music-loving, bright-full people have to keep a secret as well you know. So, they would say Washawasha (to whisper) to the other. This way other knows that they need to speak softly.

  1. Estabena

When two or more people are in a conversation and one needs to confirm that the other one is on the same topic and is understanding they ask this rhetorical question Estabena? Does this mean that are we having a deal?

The word has Italian roots and is asked to ensure if all are dealing in the same topic!

  1. Shibshib

The utmost funny word among the Egyptian vocabulary has to be Shibshib. I remember an Egyptian saying Shibshib and I would only laugh at it. The word is used to refer to flip-flops!

  1. Sabbooba

you would love to hear the word as it is used to refer to a reward the Egyptians usually use the word to speak of rewards in terms of money!

  1. Seeka

In urgency, the Egyptians are usually heard saying Seeka. Seeka is used to refer a short period of time. When an Egyptian says seeka, he is not referring to second or a minute, rather is referring to a short while.

  1. Fakes

This English word has quite a different meaning in the Egyptian language. The word means to let it go. When you are in a conversation where the other gets your point and wants you to leave it as well, they would ask you to forget it or fakes!

  1. Mezaqtat

When an Egyptian wants to express their ultimate happiness, they would use the word Mezaqtat. Mezaqtat is not used for being happy rather for being extremely joyful so much so that a person would be lightened inside out! 

  1. Horokok

The word is not only difficult to pronounce but to understand as well. If you dig up its meaning it is used to refer the edge of a surface or a thing. Yet it is also used in sense of hard as well. This second meaning is used when the word is being used as a colloquial word.

  1. Robabekya

Well, if you just recall, you must have found this word written on carts driven on the streets of Egypt. The vendors dealing in old and used products also shout out the word loudly. As much as you have guessed the word is used to refer to old things.

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