Saudi female nurses help save man who swallowed his tongue

There are events that tend to shock us and make us believe that indeed Allah Almighty is there who is in charge of all the events. This weekend a similar incident took place on the roads of Saudi Arabia that kind of shocked everyone and thereby Saudis cannot stop talking about it.

A man met an accident in Hail

In the street of Hail, a man met an accident and was struggling with his life. He was unable to breathe, and it was as though if his breath wasn’t restored within moments, he might as well had died. If he was taken to the hospital, he might have lost the battle of his life before reaching the hospital.

Two Saudi nurses who were passing by came to rescue

Yet, Allah had destined life for him and thereby two Saudi nurses, who were passing by came to rescue. The nurse was actually on her way to meet her sister when she witnessed that a man in a semi-conscious state was struggling for life and was encircled by a group of people. 

The Saudi nurse, named Mariam Al-Shammari, is one of the nurses who dealt with the case. She rushed to the man and saw that he was wrapped badly within his own clothes.

4992 Saudi female nurses help save man who swallowed his tongue

He had swallowed his own tongue

She asked for a knife to loosen him up so that he could breathe, but soon she and the other nurse Wafa Al-Anzi, realized that the man had swallowed his own tongue and was bleeding from the mouth.

They helped him keep his esophagus open so that he could start breathing and remain alive. Soon, the Red Crescent paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital.

Al-Anzi states that she has 6 years of experience in nursing and is now taking her master classes for a degree in hospital management. She was going with her husband to meet her parents when she saw that, Mariam, the other nurse was struggling with the semi-conscious man.

She immediately rushed to provide help and it was the mutual efforts of both that they were able to plug-out the tongue from the man’s throat.

They stayed there until he was out of danger

Both kept on checking the pulses of the man and made sure that the tongue was kept at its right place. She stated that the man, in pain, even bit her on her hand, yet she kept on doing her work for humanity.

She added that she came to know the other nurse, Mariam, from this incident and now they have established a friendship. They claimed that even though it was a tragic incident, yet they are happy to have had ended it happily and are glad to establish a bond of friendship.

Both shall receive an honor for their brave act on the orders of Emir of Hail. Both have expressed their gratitude over it. People around Saudi Arabia are pouring love and affection for the brave daughters. People are sharing their story and are honoring them.

Source: Saudi Gazette