5 facts about Masjid Ghamama

There are several mosques around Masjid al Nabwi and Masjid Ghamama is one of them. You might wonder, what is the need of having a mosque so near to Masjid al Nabawi.

There is a great importance of Masjid Ghamama in the history of Islam due to which the Saudi Government has decided to retain the mosque. 

Here are some quite interesting facts about the Masjid Ghamama. We also have shared the video and pictures of the interior and exterior of Masjid Ghamama in this article.

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  1. The meaning of Ghamama

The word Ghamama is used to refer to that rain cloud that appears suddenly to rain. The Masjid got its name as Ghamama after the Prophet PBUH prayed for rain at the very location.

It is reported that the Mosque is built at the location where once the Prophet PBUH offered the special prayer of rain i.e. the Salat ul Istisqa. The clouds appeared suddenly, and it rained.

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  1. Masjid Ghamama is situated just 300 meters from Masjid e Nabawi

The Masjid rests just 300 meters from Masjid e Nabwi in the south-west. The Masjid is also famously known as the Masjid e Eid. It got this name as it is reported that the Prophet PBUH offered the last four years of Eid prayer in the very masjid.

  1. Prophet Muhammad PBUH prayed the funeral prayer of Najashi

There is an area close to the masjid where it is said that the Prophet PBUH offered the funeral prayer of the Emperor of Aksum, Najashi. Aksum is located in Ethiopia (Abbyssinia). Najashi was a Christian who allowed Muslims to enter his country when they fled from theirs.

The Muslims were being oppressed by Quraish and they had no other option but to migrate. Najashi not only welcomed these Muslims but later converted to Islam. Yet, when he died, no one was there to offer his funeral prayer so the Prophet PBUH conducted his funeral prayers.

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  1. 5 times prayers are not held here

As this Masjid lies very close to Masjid e Nabawi, daily 5 times prayers are not held there. We have shared the map location of the mosque Ghamama here so that people who want to pay it a visit can do so.