Why Pakistani trucks are so decorated?

If you live in Pakistan or have been there, you must have been at least once caught by the fancy big trucks. These trucks are covered in a beautiful painting that contrast in the bright sunlight and the dark night. These trucks caught the eyes of the viewers and one is amazed by the sight they deliver.

Trucks in Pakistan, by no doubt, are so much more than a delivery vehicle. They are bedazzled bearers of tradition. They are not only decorated with pretty motifs but a lot of many things. The art of decorating the truck in Pakistan is called “Truck art” or the “Jingle art”.

The truck art reflects cultural trends

The art is used to reflect social, political, inspirational and cultural trends. Local inspirations are also used in truck art. Haider Ali who is a truck artist told that he got inspiration for truck art from his father. His father has been his source of guidance.

Ali started working on the lower parts of the truck, but as soon as he developed the skills, he started to reach for the higher parts of the trucks which were challenging.

He would use a stool to stand high and paint on upper parts. As he would not take interest in studies, he pursued his passion for truck art.

4978 Why Pakistani trucks are so decorated

How much does it cost to decorate a truck?

Truck Art is by no means cheap. Decorating a simple truck can cause your pocket as much as $10,700. Truck art has now become one of Pakistan’s cultural export which is being exhibited at international galleries.  

The truck art, which was being mesmerized by the Pakistanis only is now being reached to the international community.

Abdul Qadir, who is a truck owner, told that in rest of the world, the trucks are covered with simple metal sheets, but in Pakistan, it is more than that.

Pakistan's truck art stokes pride

Why truck art is a matter of pride for Pakistani drivers.

Posted by Al Jazeera English on Sunday, February 10, 2019

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