What is the interpretation to see the Sun, the Moon and Stars in a dream?

You must have seen the Sun, the Moon or stars in your dream. Ever wondered, what is the interpretation to see the Sun, the Moon or stars in your dream?

1-The Sun in a dream

Seeing sun: Sun is indicative of the Kingdom and can also refer to the parents.

If someone sees himself getting the warmth of the sun in a dream, then it is an indication of the removal of poverty and stress.

Seeking shade of the sun in the heat indicates wealth and comfort. If an unmarried woman seeks shade, it indicates her marriage to a wealthy man.

Sunrise at a house is an indication of marriage or honor.

Having control of the sun: Seeing oneself having control of the sun in a dream represents that one shall acquire domination/land proportionate to his control over the sun.

Sun covered in clouds: If the sun is seen covered in the clouds, then it is an indication that the health of the person will deteriorate.

Sun Eclipse: If an eclipse is seen in a dream where the sunlight is covered by the clouds, then it indicates the falling health of the leader. It is also an indication of social crisis such as seclusion due to conditions or parents.

Seeing sun in various conditions: If the sun is seen moving above the clouds, then it interpreted as death.

Fighting with the Sun: Seeing oneself fighting with sun in a dream suggests that one shall enter the fight with parents or face problems regarding his land. Seeing cold in a dream refers to poverty.

2-The Moon in a dream

A new moon in the dream is an indication towards a son, profits or great achievements. A new moon indicates unexpected happiness to the person.

Sighting several moons in a dream is interpreted as getting the opportunity to visit the Holy city of Makkah.

Moon stands high in darkness: A dream where a moon stands high in darkness, then it is an indication that a traveler will join in, or the person will get the opportunity to offer a pilgrim in his old age.

Red Moon: A red moon is a sign of miscarriage.

Falling moon: A falling moon which is falling towards earth is a sign of newborn coming to a family.

Disappearing moon: Sudden disappearance of the moon in the dream indicates that the project that one is undergoing will not be completed.

Holding moon: Holding a moon in a dream indicates receiving of gifts.

Wrong position of the moon: If the position of the moon is not right in a dream, then it is a bad sign. It can indicate the death of the person or an action that might cause him trouble in his life.

Walking on the moon: Seeing yourself walking on the moon in a dream is a sign towards the love of a mother.

Sun and Moon: If one witness both the sun and the moon in a dream, then it reflects his parents.

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3-Stars in a dream

Seeing stars in the dream is a sign of being dominant.

Possessing and collecting stars: Sighting oneself in a dream having possession of the stars or collecting stars indicates leadership.

Eating stars: Eating stars in a dream is a sign of enhanced wealth.

Falling stars: Seeing falling stars in a dream will make a wealthy man lose his wealth while letting the poor die.

Stealing stars: Stealing a star in a dream represents stealing a valuable.

Seeing stars and planets: Seeing the planets of the solar system or the major stars represent trade and knowledge.

Seeing stars in a house in a dream represents a large family.

Disclaimer: The material used for the interpretation of dreams has been extracted from the book “A Concise Guide for the Interpretation of Dreams” written by Mohammad bin Sirin.

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