10 Things men should know before their Wedding night

While women have different fears and thoughts regarding the wedding night, men also go through an emotional phase before the wedding night. Even though we live in societies where talking openly about the wedding night is considered a great deal, yet it is time we start talking about such topics.

The first night is considered challenging for men and women both, yet as men are the ones who have to perform the basic part, more pressure is onto them. Thereby, there are certain facts that the men need to know before the wedding night;

  1. She would prefer talking the whole night

Some women would love to talk all night neglecting the fact that the husband wants something else for the night. In arrange marriages, where the couple is not familiar with each other: women want to spend all night talking while men deem there is plenty of life to talk ahead.

4969 10 Things men should know before their Wedding night

  1. She would take time, more than you can tell

The brides are loaded with makeup, jewelry, and heavy dresses. Gosh, taking them off is a task! The women would need at least 15 minutes to undo her hair, so men need to brace themselves with patience.

  1. Get ready for some awkward moments

If you think that the night will go smoothly without a hustle: think again! The night is a roller coaster ride filled with awkward moments. There are times when there is dead silence between the two, the bride might speak something that you won’t find normal or you might say something that you’ll regret later.

  1. You will have strange thoughts

Both, the bride and groom’s head are filled with strange thoughts. They are worried about the night and their performance! They have no idea what will happen and what impression they would leave on to each other.

  1. The friends who never leave you alone

There will be friends who would be constantly texting you or calling you asking for the latest update. This makes everything more awkward. Friends and relatives love to play pranks on the newlywed. You might hear screams, alarms, hustle, door knocks and so on. Relax and ignore them all!

  1. Period issues

Some women have their period on the wedding night! So all you can do is wait for their menstrual cycle to get over!

  1. That was quick

The aspirational night: the night men think for all their lives might just end in 30 seconds! Most men are not able to stand more than that!

  1. Feeling tired

Most weddings are so tiring for the bride and the groom that all they want to do is to sleep. Yes, you might as well be so tired that you would end up sleeping than accomplishing your dream!

  1. Feeling pissed off

You might be angry at spending too much money. our wedding cultures do put pressure on the pockets of men and at the end of the night, most of them feel pissed off!

  1. That expensive dress

You will be really shocked to know that the price of the wedding dress of your wife and what will hurt you the most would be that she won’t even wear it again!

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