What does it mean to see the fire in a dream?

Many people tend to see the fire in a dream. They get worried that if the interpretation of such a dream is good or not. As we have already discussed that the interpretation of the dream depends upon the circumstances, here we will discuss some of those circumstances and their interpretation by Ibn Sirin.

Important Note: There are 4 types of people with whom one should not discuss a dream. Discussing a dream with these people have a negative effect on dream interpretation.

  1. Light has given by the fire in a dream

If someone sees light being given off by the fire and that fire is guiding the people in a dream, then such a person is a source of light for the people. He shall guide the people to the right path through his wisdom and knowledge.

  1. Worshiping the fire in a dream

If someone is worshiping fire than it indicates substantial changes in life. Such person’s heart is full of worldly desires and has the utmost desire of working for the king or a ruler. Such a man will divert from Islamic teachings

Worshiping lit fire indicates moving towards the wrong path. Worshiping lit fire is also an indication towards falling into wrongful acts of adultery, theft, murder, lying and making false promises!

Worshiping un-lit fire indicates earning money through unlawful sources.

If an old man is seen worshiping fire, then it indicates that you shall encounter a person who cares less of taking revenge from an enemy.

  1. The Fire in an arid place in a dream

If a fire is seen in a dream at a particular town, city or a house (arid place) which is destructive one and is giving off smoke, then such a fire is a bad sign. It suggests that the person shall face hardship according to the place where the fire is seen.

  1. The Fire at a non-arid place in a dream

If the fire is seen at a non-arid place in a dream, then in that pace diseases like smallpox and epidemics will take place and that death may occur. 

If in a dream, destructive sounds along with the fire are heard, then accidents and deaths are likely to occur at that place.

A fire in the market in a dream indicates a loss in business.

  1. Seeing the Angel of hell in a dream

If someone sees the Angel of hell in the dream, Malik, then one is likely to get guidance after falling into carelessness.

If Malik approaches one, then it is a sign towards the restoration of faith.

If Malik turns away from one, then it indicates that one will fall for acts which will lead him to hell fire.

  1. Eating the fire in a dream

Eating a flameless fire means that he will give to orphans what is due to him, however, eating a flaming fire means that he will be questioned regarding what he has to give to the orphans. Moreover, he shall face worldly disrespect over it.

  1. Putting out the fire in a dream

It indicates the settling of a fight. If someone is working on an extinguished fire, then it is likely that an old fight will provoke.

  1. The Hell fire in a dream

Entering hell means to have been involved in major sins. Coming out of hell fire without getting harmed reflects worldly hardships.

If hellfire is approaching one, then worldly difficulties such as inescapable debt or loss may proceed.

Disclaimer: The material used for the interpretation of dreams has been extracted from the book “A Concise Guide for the Interpretation of Dreams” written by Mohammad bin Sirin.