4 People with whom one should not discuss his dreams

Every dream has a meaning

Some dreams are meaningless, some are close to our daily routine, and some depict what had occupied us while we slept. However, there are some dreams that trouble us: that makes us feel that withier there is a positive sign or a negative one. Such dreams need interpretation.

With no doubt, some dreams have a hidden meaning that cannot be interpreted by normal people. Interpretation of dreams requires wisdom, knowledge, and insight that only a few people have. One can discuss their dreams with such people to have guidance.

Dreams should not be shared with everyone

However, we have always heard that the dream shall not be disclosed with everyone. Our elders used to say that the dream shall be disclosed for interpretation to only wise and knowledgeable.

Here we will let you know that with whom you shall not discuss your dream. According to the most authentic book on dream interpretation in the Islamic history “A Concise Guide for the Interpretation of Dreams” by Mohammad bin Sirin, there are 4 types of people one shall not share their dreams with:

  1. Dreams should not be shared with Non-Muslims

The one how are not bound by the Shariah law is not close to Allah. The dream shall be disclosed for interpretation to those who are pious and are close to Allah. The ones who reject Oneness of Allah are not blessed ones and how can they cause blessings for you?

  1. Dreams should not be shared with Women

It is said that women shall not interpret the dreams as they are believed to be sensitive in nature. Their sensitive nature is one of the reasons which lets to count their witness half as compared to man.

  1. Dreams should not be shared with Un-knowledgeable/un-educated

The one who is not educated cannot interpret the dreams. Interpretation of dream requires knowledge and as Allah says that Knowledgeable and un-knowledgeable are not equal.

There is a belief among many people that the dream shall not be disclosed to a person who does not has knowledge about it. People have this general belief that when a dream is discussed with an ignorant person, then whatever (wrong) interpretation he would tell would come true.

However, this is not near reality. What is truth cannot be undone because of a wrong interpretation? Dreams shall not be disclosed to ignorant, yet it is not true that their wrong interpretation will come true.

  1. Dreams should not be shared with an Enemy

An enemy, who hates you in his heart will never interpret the dream correctly. When the heart is not clear, the tongue shall never reveal the truth. Even if there is someone who interprets dreams, yet is your enemy, you shall not discuss your dream with them as it is likely that they won’t interpret it correctly due to personal hate.

What to do if you see a nightmare?

The things that have been destined for one cannot be undone like that, only dua and sadqah have such power. Otherwise, what Allah Almighty has destined for you shall reach you. We shall always make a dua or give away sadqah if we see a Bad dream.