Why do you write only good things about Saudi Arabia?

Ever since I started the blog, my intention had been to spread positivity about Saudi Arabia. Those who had been visiting this blog know well that whatever has been posted either reflects the positive culture of Saudi Arabia or I had tried to end a bit bad thing in a positive manner.

I don’t say that Saudi Arabia is a country where no ill, no bad and no immorality takes place, yet my choice is to show the positive picture of the beautiful country. I decided to opt for this positivity since there are many negative views about Saudi Arabia among expats.

Saudis are wrongly perceived as conservative people

While the foreigners are in their hometown, they are only made aware of the bad side of Saudi Arabia. They fear that life and people here are strange. Saudis are perceived as conservative people who are not willing to accept modern applications and methods.

So much so that when I was on board to Saudi Arabia, the passenger seated with me warned me about the norms of the country. He said he had heard that there are restrictions upon freedom of speech and writing. Women are oppressed and punishments here are inhumane.

People just believe in things they read on the internet

When I asked if he has traveled to Saudi Arabia before, he said no. He told he had read such stuff on the internet. So, I did fear!  During my stay, I did face certain inappropriate circumstances, yet such things were already been wrote about. I thought why not change this.

Why not see the positive picture and write about them? Why not just tell how beautiful this country is,

I don’t have an agenda to distort the facts

I do not say that my agenda is to distort the facts and write everything in a sugar-coated way. I do not mean to be biased towards Saudi Arabia and do not want to misguide people.

My agenda is that as most are already writing and hitting upon the negative image of Saudi Arabia, why don’t I take a step and write about positive things happening here?

Every society has a positive and negative side

See, I made a choice of hitting upon the positive side and there is no bad in it. I do not change the facts for the cause. Let’s just say that I find positivity and write upon it.

Every country, every society has both positive and negative sides. Some people choose to focus on the darker side while some remain positive and chose the brighter one.

I chose to help expatriates living in Saudi Arabia

I remember that while I was on way to Saudi Arabia I felt homesick because of hearing all the bad things occurring here. I don’t want others to go through it. You see, adjusting in a foreign country is tough while adjusting in a foreign country with only darker views is way too tough.

I have a positive perspective on life in Saudi Arabia. I write positive, yet I agree there are negative things going around! There are many handling the negative side, so let me focus on the positive one!

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