What does it mean to see Prophet Muhammad in a dream?

It is reported by Hazrat Abu Hurairah R.A that the Prophet PBUH said, whosoever sees me (PBUH) in his dream, witnesses the truth. As the devil cannot take my (PBUH) form. We know that the devil cannot take the form of Prophets.

Seeing a Prophet in a dream has a special meaning. In fact, the dream interpretation of seeing every prophet is different which has been explained in a separate article. Recommended: What does it mean to see the Prophets of Allah in the Dreams?

Every Muslim has a desire to see Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in a dream. Ever wondered how can you see Prophet Muhammad PBUH in a dream? We are here to share with you a simple formula. Recommended: How to see Prophet Muhammad PBUH in a dream?

Interpretation to see Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in the dream

If anyone sees Prophet Muhammad SAW in their dream than it is a sign towards positivity in life. If such a person is facing sadness in life, then he shall expect happiness. If he is in debt, his debts will be cleared soon. If he is a slave, he shall gain freedom. His fears will be removed and he will gain a state of peace. His food and wealth will be blessed.

The Prophet PBUH can be seen in different situations within a dream. Here we will let you know about those different situations and their interpretation:

1-If someone sees the Prophet PBUH in a poor/unhappy state, then it is a sign towards weakness of Iman and prevalence of Biddah (self-added concepts in Islam) in that area.

2-If it is seen that people are calling the Prophet PBUH, then the devastated city will get flourished.

3-If Prophet PBUH is seen in a state of sickness, then it indicates the weakness of faith.

4-Seeing Prophet in a state of calmness, such as in a mosque, is a sign towards blessings.

5-If the Prophet PBUH is seen in a country or a city, then that country/city will flourish and the enemy there shall be defeated.

6-If it is seen that the body parts of the Prophet PBUH are affected and reduced, then it is a sign of faithlessness of the people. The harm to the Prophet’s body is due to faithlessness.

7-If Prophet PBUH distributes dry fruits, then it is a sign of enhanced faith.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH only comes in the dreams of faithful Muslims

Hazrat Ibn Sirin is of the view that the Prophet PBUH pays a visit to the dreams of people who are faithful. He PBUH informs about the blessings that they shall receive and warns them from falling astray so that they shall not face the bad in the hereafter. It is so because the Prophet PBUH is sent down as a blessing for the Muslims.

Seeing Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in an angry mood in a dream

However, if someone sights the Prophet PBUH in an angry state, then that is not a good sign.

The funeral of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in a dream

According to Abdullah bin Abbas, if someone sees the funeral of the Prophet PBUH in his dream, then that country shall face sadness and difficulties. Yet if the Prophet PBUH is seen walking behind a funeral, then it indicates the prevalence of biddah in Islam.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH is pitying a person in a dream

If Prophet Muhammad PBUH is pitying a person in a dream, it is an indication towards his being a non-Muslim at heart.

Disclaimer: The material used for the interpretation of dreams has been extracted from the book “A Concise Guide for the Interpretation of Dreams” written by Mohammad bin Sirin.

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