Why do we say Adhan in the ears of a newborn child? 4 reasons

One of the Sunnah acts to follow after your Child Birth is reciting Adhan in their ears. The Muslims follow the Sunnah and recite Adhan and iqamah in the ears of a newborn. We often witness our male family members reciting Adhan and iqamah in the ears of the newborn. I have even witnessed this in hospitals.

Muslims make sure that the Adhan is recited immediately after the child is born. Other traditions that Muslim follow such as giving a name to the child, Aqeeqah (sacrificing animal) and circumcision of the male child are done later (mostly after 7 days), yet Adhan is given straight away.  Recommended: 7 Sunnah acts to follow after your Childbirth

Saying Adhan is one of the Sunnah acts to follow after your Child Birth

This occurred to me that why is it necessary to do so? Why shall we say Adhan in the ears of a newborn child? Is it compulsory to do so? Well, there is a hadith which shows that the Prophet PBUH gave Adhan in the ears of his grandson Hassan R.A.

The Muslims thereby follow the Sunnah and give Adhan in ears of the newborn child. The newborn either be a girl or a boy, Adhan and iqamah are recited in the ears its ears. There are different views about why the Adhan is recited in the ears of a newborn. Recommended: What is the Sunnah method of saying Adhan to a newborn baby?

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  1. An indication of being a Muslim

The recitation of Adhan indicates that the child is a Muslim. The Parents of the child uphold that the religion of their child is Islam. The act of giving Adhan in the ears of the child makes sure that the child is called towards Islam.

  1. The child is purified

The Adhan is given to purify the child. The child is purified from the evil of Devil. The devil may have his evil on the newborn, Adhan helps in eradicating the evil of devil from the newborn. The Zikr of Allah helps keep the devil. The devil is warned that the child born is a Muslim and he shall not follow the path of the devil.

  1. To please Allah

The Muslim newborn shall hear the Adhan as his initial words as this is considered as a good omen. The Muslim believes that the act will make Allah happy and the child shall grow up being a good Muslim.

  1. This is Adhan and Iqamah of funeral prayers

The recitation of Adhan is an indication that every soul has to die. We give Adhan and iqamah to a newborn child, but when a person dies we only hold a funeral prayer.

This indicates that the Adhan given in the ears is to remind us of death. Every life is perishable, and it is reminded to us through Adhan.  This Adhan indicates that the time span between life and death is similar to the time span between Adhan and salah.

The Adhan has been given in our ears and our funeral prayer will be conducted anytime now. Allah knows the best. May he guide us all to the correct path!