How to know if my kidneys are not working well? 9 Indications

The human body has the capability to react to the internal and external problems it is facing. The reflex system of the human body is amazing. It tends to give signals when it observes that things aren’t well. For instance, when there we get a small cut or a wound without knowing, a signal of pain is being felt by us.

Similarly, when the internal organs are facing damages and problems, signals are being sent. Some diseases might as well be a silent one, yet most of the diseases do tend to give us a signal. However, we tend to ignore them or are unaware of them.

Today, Kidney related problems are commonly being faced by people around the world. Even though the reasons for kidney problems and failure be different from poor water intake to inheritance, yet the problem is havoc.

A dysfunctional kidney is a worse situation which we pray that none would face. We also know that precaution is better than treatment as our little care can help us save from big trouble.

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Today we will be sharing those little signals that our body is sending us when the kidney is dysfunctional. Do check up on yourself and if you find yourself involved in the following situations, consult a kidney doctor.

  1. Facing trouble while sleeping

If you are facing constant trouble while sleeping even though you aren’t depressed, then this means that the kidney might not be working well. The sudden decline in sleep can be because of enhanced toxins in the blood which are disturbing the body and body is not able to feel relaxed enough to sleep.

You see, kidney tends to purify the blood by eliminating toxins into the urine. A dysfunctional kidney is unable to do so and effects the sleep.

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  1. Weakness, constant headaches, and fatigue

Red blood cells are vital for the body as they tend to supply oxygen to different parts of the body. With low red blood cells in the body, one is not able to get oxygen adequately which causes weakness and fatigue.

Moreover, if the oxygen supply is less towards the brain, headaches occur. Kidney converts vitamin D to produce Erythropoietin (EPO). EPO is necessary for red blood cells formation.

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  1. Getting anemia

Those who suffer from Chronic Kidney disease tend to suffer from anemia. The symptoms of anemia are fatigue, pallor, white spots on face, and tiredness even though one gets proper sleep.

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  1. Skin problems

A healthy kidney removes toxins from the blood and maintains a healthy red blood cell in the body. A dysfunctional kidney is unable to do so which results in an imbalance of nutrients and minerals in the body. This causes the skin to become dry and itchy.

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  1. Bad Breath and change in taste

A poorly functioning kidney does not purify blood causing issues like bad to breathe and a metallic taste is felt in the mouth. This further reduces appetite and weight.

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  1. Feeling cold

When the body is weak one tends to feel cold even though when they are at a warm place and when others are not feeling cold.

  1. Breathlessness

When one feels short of breathing even though they haven’t done something trying, this is a sign of anemia and in return kidney problem.

  1. Swollen feet and hand

Swelling can be seen at different parts of the body due to the dysfunctional kidney as the blood is concentrated with toxins.

  1. Urine problems

Having bubbly and foamy urine, dark colored urine, difficulty while passing urine, vomiting, and nausea; all are signs of an unhealthy kidney.

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