7 tricks that Arab parents use to lure you to stay at home

Every time you ask your Arab parents that you need to go out for fun or get together, they get alarmed with safety and health issues. First, you will get the lecture that how these days getting out of home might be dangerous and even deadly, then they will have food and health concerns.

Lastly, they would not be ever pleased with the person(s) you are going out with. But they know you won’t be convinced with all this as this is a never-ending drama that we all face while we seek permission for leaving home.

Here are some typical Arab parents’ tricks that they use to convince you to stay at home. Read and enjoy and let us know which one is most famously used upon you!

  1. Pampering you to the fullest

The Arab parents will make sure that they give you such an environment at home that you will change your mind of going out. They will make sure your favorite meal is cooked and served for you and that too in your cozy bed.

You will be allowed to use the internet and mobile phone for hours without interruption! Your mom will make sure that your mobile and laptop are getting charged and you are being served timely with the best food and drinks.

  1. Giving you some space

the concept of privacy at Arab’s families is way too different. Even when you are 18 plus you need to give your mobile’s password to your parents or unlock the cell whenever they ask for it.

The parents also have keys and spare keys to your room so that they can sneak in whenever they want to; also mom makes sure to sneak in after every 15 minutes!  However, to make sure you stay at home, you are given some privacy time!

  1. Invite your friends’ option is open

Every time you ask your parents that you want to invite your friends over, they will tell you how bad they are and much mess they did create. But when you ask them for going out, they will suggest that “why don’t you call them over?”

  1. Dad’s jump

The dad will also come into rescue and will suggest you spend time with him. He will suggest you play with him. He will come to your room with a pack of cards or even new video games!

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  1. Giving you the control of the TV remote

Never have I ever gotten the full control of the TV remote until I have asked for going out with friends. It’s like the TV remote is presented in a dish to me to use as a boss!

  1. Mess: no problem

Every now and then, your parents are complaining about the mess you make, but when it comes to luring you to stay at home, your mess is more than welcomed. You would be allowed to create a mess, and no one will complain over it.

  1. Your meal is ready

The menu of the day you want to hang out would be all your favorite food!