Expats should spend their money in Saudi Arabia – Saudi Journalist

84% expat workforce and 16% Saudi workforce

Last year a study was conducted which showed nearly 8.9 million Saudi and non-Saudi workers were registered with GOSI. Among these 8.9 workers, only 1.7 million were Saudi while the rest 7.2 million are non-Saudi workers.

This number was in addition to 2 million domestic workers who are already working in Saudi Arabia. According to the facts, all these domestic workers are non-Saudis.

Saudi Arabia is heaven for expatriates

This survey clearly shows that the Saudi Kingdom is heaven for expatriates. They are working and living in the Kingdom for years and decades. We all are quite aware of the fact that the implementation of dependent fee forced the expat workers to leave Saudi Arabia for good.

Now one of the writers of a local newspaper said something eccentric which angered many people. He said that the numbers of expat workers are more than the number of Saudi workers in our country. Besides this, there are also several illegal residential in the Kingdom.

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The per capita foreign remittance has increased after dependent fee

By no doubt, with the implementation of the expat dependent fee, the bread earners of the family, who are usually males, have opted to live in Saudi Arabia, while rest of the family has been sending back to their country.

This way, the money that was being spent in Saudi Arabia is being remitted out. The point he wanted to raise is the Expat workers should become the partners in the development of the Kingdom. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia deserves their loyalty.

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The negative effect on rental properties

It also has affected the rental properties and many other fields. The cost of renting apartments have also dropped down. Beside this, there is also a negative impact on the business conducted by many companies dealing with food products.

Now expat workers prefer to save money to send back to their home and family. Before this, they used to spend money on school fees, apartment rents, groceries, and other household necessities.

Encourage expatriates to spend their money in Saudi Arabia

Rashid Fawzan is expecting to encourage people to spend their money inside the Kingdom to strengthen its economy rather than transferring their money out of the kingdom. This situation requires study and analysis as it affects middle and higher income expat workers.

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The reaction of expatriates in Saudi Arabia

This point of the writer has angered many expat workers in the Kingdom who had sent their home unable to afford the dependent fees. They said expecting expats to spend their wages here like before is skeptical.

Some said the expats should be given the facility to invest in the property and business of the Kingdom. The only way the expat's workers can spend their money in the Kingdom is if they will have their family here. An expat worker lives abroad to support his family.

If the Saudi Authorities allow the expats to live here with their family by reducing dependent fee only then it is possible. The Government should review it and reduce it to a reasonable amount not increasing every year. Only this way they can help to utilize their income in the development of the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Gazette