A car fell down from a mountain on the roof of a house in Makkah

Sometimes victims survive Miraculously

Road accidents are very common around the world. The world has witnessed some most deadly accidents. On the other hand, there are some miracles as well. There are some worst cases of accidents, yet all the victims have been able to survive.

Today, we shall share a similar accident-based story that took place in Saudi Arabia. A piece of very disturbing news was reported last week when the residents of Ajyad neighborhood in Makkah woke up hearing the screams and cries of a family.

6 members in a Car were screaming for Help

The family of six members: a man, his pregnant wife, and four children were screaming for help after they met a horrible accident. Their car fell off from a mountain road on the roof of the house located on the foot of the mountain.

The family was severely injured but fortunately, all of them were alive. Although, some of the members were in critical condition. The residents rushed to the accident location, rescued the family and took them to the hospital for medical aid.

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Fortunately, all of them survived including the pregnant lady

The family was taken to Al-Noor hospital. The head of the family was later released after dressing and medication, but his wife and children were in critical condition and were taken to the Intensive Care Unit for further treatment.

The cause of the accident later reveled, the mountainous road was not fenced nor there were any proper barriers. The residents claimed that they have witnessed many accidents on this mountain road but this one was the worst one.

There have been many accidents on this location

They also grumbled that they have complained about this situation to the authorities several times but none took any step to improve the condition of the roads or to build protective barriers on the roadside.

Saad Al-Amri a resident of the area claimed that the authorities turned deaf ears to their complaints because of development in the neighborhood.

A collective petition has been submitted to the local municipality

After this worst accident, the residents of Ajyad neighborhood collectively wrote a petition to the Emir of Makkah and the local municipality demanding to immediately build barriers on the sides of the roads.

They also complained that it is a threat to the lives of the people who are residing by the mountain foot. May Allah protect all from tragic accidents.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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