Nurse arrested for delivering a baby inside home

Baby Delivery at home in Saudi Arabia????

A very strange incident was reported from Saudi Arabia. Can anyone ever think of delivering a baby at home in this century? Hell no! Gone are the days when babies were delivered at homes without any paramedic help.

Now with the passage of time. Many things have changed. People themselves don’t prefer to visit any midwife or any unspecified doctor. This is for the best interest of the baby and mother’s health. We do not want to risk the precious life, nor do we want the mother to suffer any complications.

A Nurse arrested for Delivering Babies at home

Recently an ex-nurse was arrested for delivering babies at her home. She used to charge others a minimal fee to deliver babies at her place. Her crime was disclosed when an illegally residing woman visited her for her delivery.

The woman and her baby died during the delivery

The woman and her baby died during the delivery. This angered the man and he called upon the police and informed them that his wife and unborn baby both died during delivery at the home of the ex-nurse.

The woman was immediately arrested and upon investigation, she disclosed that she was dismissed from a hospital and since that time she was working as a midwife and only delivering the babies of the illegal residents who fear to visit any hospital.

Besides this, she admitted her crime that she might have given an extra dose of injection to the woman that caused the death of the woman and her baby in the womb.

It seems to be an underground gang of Nurses

She also disclosed the name of another nurse who helped her in her business by sending the pregnant ladies who were close to giving birth to her home for delivery.  The ex-nurse is now arrested and sent for further investigation. Her case is yet not transferred in the court. She is banned from traveling.

Whereas the dead body of the expat woman was sent to the forensic doctors to determine the cause of her death and create a comprehensive medical report on this case.

The criminal proceedings have been started against the Nurse

The report will later be represented in the court to decide the nurse accountability and fault that caused the death of the woman and her unborn baby.

Some legal sources claimed that the nurse will be sent to criminal court where she is expected to sentence in jail for years and will also have to pay the fine for delivering the babies of a pregnant woman without any legal license and also for causing the death of the woman and her baby.

Source: Saudi Gazette