The result of a study on dependent fee is expected next month – Commerce Minister

As we all are aware of the fact that Saudi Arabia has imposed a dependent fee upon all expatriates living and working in Saudi Arabia with only a few exceptions. A study has been conducted to investigate the effect of the dependent fee on expatriates by the Government.

Saudization Plan

Moreover, an extensive Saudization Plan has been launched as a part of an effort to generate non-oil revenues and encourage their companies to hire their own people.

This step was announced by the Crown Prince in order to provide its unemployed people with employment, to overhaul the largest Arab economy and prepare it for the time after oil.

The statement Minister of Commerce

Recently, Majed Al-Qasabi the minister of Commerce and Investment has announced that the result of a study on the effect of the dependent fee upon the expatriate's community in the Kingdom will be announced next month.

This announcement was made by Qasabi during an interview which was aired on a Saudi Channel on Monday. He further declared that the results of the effect of the dependent fee will be presented to the Council of Ministers and they will look into the advantages and challenges it poses.

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The Benefits and Challenges of Dependent Fee will be evaluated

The study will show the benefits and the developments that occurred in a year. The study benefits our Kingdom, he added.

The results of a study o the effect of the dependent fee upon expatriates will be presented to the Council of Ministers next month who would propose the required changes; if any.

However, we all know that the dependent fee angered many expatriates who have repatriated their families back to home countries. You really don't need a study to understand the effect of the dependent fee.

The Dependent Fee continued in the Saudi Budget 2019

The Government of Saudi Arabia had decided to go with the decision of keeping the dependent fee fixed in the Saudi Budget 2019 despite complaints from the business sectors.

The minister added, the same time, the results will be studied comprehensively, and developments will also be reviewed. The result of this study would be in the interest of the country.

Expatriates are not angry with Dependent Fee – Commerce Minister

In his interview, Majed Al Qasabi denied the fact that the imposition of various fees has angered the expatriates in the Kingdom or it was keeping them away from adopting a work in the Private sector.

He also said that a number of commercial establishments were closed down because many changes occurred in trade regulations and internet has made it easy for them to carry out their business transaction through the Internet.

The Finance Minister of the Kingdom, Mohammad Al Jaddan has also announced that there is no intention to make any kind of change in the policies of the expatriate fee.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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