A Visit to the Ra’oum Castle in Najran – at a height of 1,000 meters

The Ra'oum castle is built on top of the Mount Ra'oum

One of the most attractive places in Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly Ra'oum castle. The castle is built on top of the Mount Ra'oum. The amazing and interesting thing about the castle is that one can view the city of Najran from the top. The castle is built in a way that one can overlook the beautiful city of Najran.

The historical fortress allows one to have a great view. Imagine standing at a height of 1,000 meters and witnessing the overview of the city that is assembled beautifully with farms and great tourist’s spots. The Ra'oum castle itself is a landmark location. 

Ra'oum Castle is at the height of 1000 meters

The archeological castle which allows one to overlook the city from a height of 1,000 meters is what attracts tourists from around the world. The Najran city is able to experience tourist around the year. Ra'oum castle is one of the significant tourist’s spots in the city.

The three landmarks are possessed by the city of Najran; the castle, the valley, and the dam. In order to restore our heritage and boosts up tourism in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage (SCTH) undertook maintenance and repair of the Ra'oum castle and other landmarks of the city.

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Tourism Activities around the Ra'oum Castle

It has resulted in greater tourists’ flow. SCTH is now conducting activities like mountain climbing there and people in great number are participating. The beautiful Ra'oum castle itself is a great masterpiece of art and perfection. It uses clay and pieces of stone for foundation and base while wood and triangular shaped pieced for decorations.

A reservoir made up of stones is built below it. The reservoir is there to collect rainwater. The Ra'oum castle, its architecture, its reservoir and of course the overview you get of the city from it, make it unique. People are attracted to it.

4861 A Visit to the Rome Castle in Najran – at a height of 1,000 meters 01

The Ra'oum Castle was constructed by the Yemeni Army in 1929

This historic and archaeological beauty was constructed by Yemeni army when they took over Najran in 1929 AD at a height of 1,000 meters. They overtook Najran and built a castle on the mountain top. This was a strategic location: they could view and monitor the entire city from the fortress.

The castle takes one back to history, its archeological layout depicts a lot of the then civilization and their architecture. The city and the Ra'oum castle were recovered by Saudi Arabia after Saudi army led by King Saud and King Faisal successfully overtook it.

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The Ra'oum Castle has 5 rooms carved out of the mud

The castle was surrounded by a mighty wall of stones. The Ra'oum castle has five rooms carved out of mud, stone, and plaster. Saleh Al-Marih who is the director of the branch of the Tourism and Antiquities Authority in Najran says that city is undergoing restoration operation.

This operation will help us restore our heritage. These sites which are rich in architecture and history will be restored as they are a national asset. They add to the historical and cultural value of the city which will help enhance tourism in the city.

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He assured that work is being done to facilitate visitors and road leading to the Ra'oum castle has been made.  This place definitely needs a visit!

Source: Al Arabiya