What to do before the final exit if you have an unpaid loan from the bank?

Let me just share what happened to my friend: He exited Saudi Arabia two years ago and later decided to come back to the Kingdom in 2017. While we were waiting for our departure, he was anxious because he said he left Saudi Arabia with an outstanding loan which he wasn't able to pay.

We were able to depart Manila however we had a stopover in Dubai. Upon landing in Dubai, the stewardess paged his name and he was escorted out of the plane. We don't know what happened to him next as he was not there in the flight to Saudi Arabia.

GCC systems are interconnected: As I am working in HR in another company, I have learned that the GCC or Gulf Coordinating Council is actually sharing information regarding delinquent payers so whether you find another employment in Bahrain or Oman or Dubai, once your name appeared on the system and you were flagged, there is a 99% chance that you will be obliged to pay your loan with interest.

You are not safe even outside GCC: If you think that because you are outside the Middle East, you are already on a safe zone, the more you should be precautioned because there is a possibility that the collecting agency will report you to the Credit Bureau of the country you are in and it will significantly affect your “credit scoring” in that country which is widely used in Europe and North America!

Some people are saying that they don't have plans of running away from their debt and that the circumstances like termination has put them in a compromising situation. However, at the end of the day, you still receive your gratuity and you opted not to settle your obligation.

What to do if you have an unpaid loan in Saudi Arabia? If you are going to weigh it, if you don't settle your obligation you are doomed because there will always be a collection agency who will run after you. If you settle your obligation, you can always find another job in whichever country you want and still be able to recuperate the money that you paid for your loan. So, if you have a bank loan,

1-Make sure you paid all the amount that you owe from the bank.

2-Ask for a “clearance” or “certificate of full payment” from the Bank Manager that you indeed paid up everything from the bank if you are going for the final exit so that in case the immigration system was not updated on time, you have a hard copy to prove about your settlement. The clearance will also serve as your leverage from the collection agency.

3-Bilkish is based in India and they are the authorized representative. If you are from the Philippines, by 2019, the government will start implementing Credit Information Corporation (www.creditinfo.gov.ph) which will gather all the credit data of the Filipinos.

If for some reason the country where you have a loan ask for accreditation or partnership from CIC, you will then be reported and your information will be lodge into the system making it more difficult for you to ask for a loan or even seek employment.