Ali Ibrahim: A Saudi who has been visiting the patients daily for the past 30 years

Humanity and love for mankind is not something new. It is good and always appreciated that a person is caring and considerate about the other fellow beings. There are many examples that can be seen in which people have spent their lives loving and caring the mankind.

One such example is an elderly Saudi man who has made this routine of visiting the patients for the last thirty years of his life. Ali Ibrahim al-Moussa, who is a simple Saudi farmer, has been visiting the patients that are admitted in the Hawtat Sudair Hospital in the Kingdom’s city of al-Majmaah for the last 30 years.

His efforts are commended by the Hospital Management: The most appreciated thing is that he continues to do the same despite his old age. Ali Ibrahim due to his act of kindness is now very well known in the city and appreciated and respected by all. His act is also commended by the hospital authorities.

Ali Ibrahim is a kindhearted person who kept on insisting for visiting the patients to check the health of the patients. He loves to give them company and he also prays for them.

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He cannot drive a car: Ali Ibrahim has become too old to drive so his son drops him to the hospital every day. According to his son, the hospital management and authorities appreciate Ali Ibrahim’s visit to the hospital as they know that he really loves attending the patients.

His son added that his father knows nothing about the medicine and he has nothing to do with it as he is a simple farmer who plants palm trees and has done farming all his life but, yet he has developed this habit.

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A source of motivation for patients: Ali Ibrahim’s son told Al Arabiya English that his father holds this great desire to visit the sick people in their days of sickness to do well. His act of sympathy is very popular among the patients also as he tries to bring delights in their lives.

He gives company to the people and tries his best to relieve some of their pain. Ali Ibrahim has the routine to give hope to the patients for healing and he tells them stories how different people have recovered from their diseases and how God has healed many diseases.

Hospital has awarded him with medals and gifts: This entire practice of especially visiting patients and giving them hope is itself a very plausible act.

In order to appreciate and recognize the efforts of this kindhearted person, the hospital has given him medal and gifts in recognition of his efforts and initiatives that he has been making to help the patients in his own unique way.

4835 Ali Ibrahim  A Saudi who has been visiting the patients daily for the past 30 years 01

A true inspiration for others: By helping others especially patients many people derive much pleasure and there is no doubt that this act also has been liked by all the religions especially Islam. Spirituality and closeness with Allah will be developed by it.

Examples set by the people like Ali Ibrahim is no doubt a motivating factor for other people also to follow the same path in which life given by Allah proves to be a blessing for other people also.

Source: Al Arabiya

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