8 Ways Saudi Husbands create a mess instead of helping out

A helping hand is always appreciated but when it comes to husbands one has to think that is it really helping or what?  It is to be noted that husbands will always be husbands no matter what kind of training you have given to them.

The teaching of cleaning etiquettes is a must in a Saudi family. When one grows in a Saudi household a child is introduced with these cleaning etiquettes before even he learns to speak anything. But all that teaching doesn’t mean the husband will help her wife perfectly or without any mistake.

In Saudi homes, the standards set for hygiene are very high so to expect that everything will be up to the mark all the time is near to impossible. Here is a list of a few household tasks which Saudi husbands will always mess up.

1-Dirtying the Stove to Make Coffee: Husbands to make coffee or helping their wives in coffee making end up in a dirty stove. The making of Arabic Qahwa is not easy, and it involves a great attention to the details so the question that comes in mind is that can we blame the husbands for messing it up?

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2-Splashing Food while Tasting it: Every family has a messy eater who would love to spread it here and there while eating or tasting the food. This is really true when it comes to husbands because most of the time they end up splashing the food everywhere when they are asked to taste it.

3-Messing by Integrating Glass in their acts: Husbands have certain ideas for their games and it becomes much dangerous and messy when they integrate the glass in their play. Glass cleaning becomes a mess always.

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4-Dirtying up the Room While Trying to Clean it: Many times, it happens that husbands were told to clean the room, but they end up creating a complete mess and finished with a more dirty and messy room.

5-Helping in Washing Dishes: Since the majority of the husbands love water games so the task of washing the dishes is always their favorite one. When it comes to helping their wives in dishwashing, it’s a big task because most of the times it ends up with a flooded and a dirty sink.

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6-Spilling the Thing While Putting it back in the Fridge: Another very disastrous help provided by the husbands is when they put something back in the fridge but spill it there.

7-When they Help in Kitchen: When husbands go in the kitchen to help their wives, it’s always a disaster alert for the wives because the help husbands have provided need double efforts to clean.

4833 8 Ways Saudi Husbands create a mess instead of helping out 04

8-Passing the Remote with the Greasy Hands: Another mess that husbands create while helping is the help to pass the remote, but the mess is created when they do so with the greasy hands.

Husbands no matter how hard they try to be accurate and perfect in their help for their wives have the tendency of creating a mess in most of the cases, but one needs to realize they are innocent and still learning to do home chores.

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