4 Acts to do to Increase your Iman while on your Menses

During the entire life, one has to face many ups and downs in his life and also in the journey of faith. There are days when an individual feels himself at the height of spirituality while in a few days one seems to be lost and unfocused.

They can’t offer Salah during their menses: Since in few days of the month’s women are exempted to perform some mandatory acts of worship in Islam like you cannot offer Salah, can’t fast etc. so there are chances that one may feel less enthusiastic or lose interest towards worship. These few days in which they have to face this situation is due to Periods.

The interesting fact is that despite this limitation, there are ways through which women can keep their spiritual spirits high and engage them in activities to maintain their link with Allah strong. Here is a list of a few things that one can engage in daily routine during those days.

01-Keeping Oneself Busy in Thikr: One very effective way of keeping yourself intact in terms of Iman is to continuously do Thikr. Everyone must ensure one thing that the remembrance of Allah should always be there in both the tongue and the heart of the person.

Tasbeeh is regarded as an act which is easy on the tongue, yet it has a huge value and it is very heavy on Allah’s scale in the hereafter. It is a work that if done, has great rewards.

Now it is up to the person to perform it whether they are doing work, doing errands, or while shopping the remembrance of Allah through thikr can always be a companion of humans.

4819 4 Acts to do to Increase your Iman while on your Menses 01

02-Watching Lectures: We are living at an advanced age where we are lucky enough to have knowledge at our fingertips. There are thousands of sources through which different kind of material is available to us at a click away.

Access to Islamic knowledge material is one blessing of this advancement. Now women can listen to Islamic lectures through which not only their Iman will increase but also, they can get knowledge of many matters related to Islam.

It is important to take some time out of the day and listen to different lectures of learned scholars to utilize these days positively.

4819 4 Acts to do to Increase your Iman while on your Menses 02

03-Reading Islamic Books: Another interesting and positive activity that one can carry out is the reading of books. Although at start one may find it difficult but once you got used to it you will start enjoying it.

This habit can have a positive effect on the kids also as they will develop this habit as well if they see their elders doing it. Start reading Islamic books and increase your knowledge base.

4819 4 Acts to do to Increase your Iman while on your Menses 03

04-Intention Involved: It is very important to have a good intention because it is narrated by al-Bukhaari in (2834) that The Prophet (PBUH) said: “If a person gets sick or travels, the reward for what he used to do when he was at home and healthy will be recorded for him.”

If one has the intention to stay close with Allah and keep the Iman at high spirits, then Insha’Allah Allah will help in this regard.