8 Struggles every Fresh Graduate face in Saudi Arabia

Becoming a graduate is a dream for any student as it is considered the time to get rewarded for all the sleepless nights, efforts and crazy schedules that one has gone through. But the reality is exposed once the real-world hits you.

When one has to start his career, he has to go through a lot of tough situations like a decision regarding the field to specialize, the search of suitable work opportunities, dealing with the norms and expectations of the society etc. An Arab fresh graduate has certain challenges to face like;

1-Have a Reference/Wasta: Having a reference may benefit a person in finding a good job in almost all parts of the world including the Arab world which is also plagued with this evil. If they don’t have any friend or family members with a connection in the same area, then finding a job that matches the qualifications of Arab job-seekers is a problem.

This evil of Wasta has made the job-hunting process so discouraging, especially if a qualified person sees a non-qualified person being hired at a better place than him just because of a strong reference.

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2-To Be or Not to Be an Entrepreneur: Fresh graduates were always encouraged to have the aim of securing a good job in well-established companies while taking risk of becoming an entrepreneur was an ignored area because of potentials risks attached to it. However, this thinking has now changed and students tend to explore new business opportunities also.

3-Behavior of Unprofessional Employers: While most candidates are used to of listening responses like we have your CV and number and you will be contacted soon. This makes the candidates wait for so long and reply may never come. Such responses from employers make job hunt process agonizing.

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4-The Pressure of Societal Expectations: As soon as one graduate’s society expects that everything should be settled and going in the right direction, including your readiness for getting married.

You get a list of do’s and don’ts from the society in the professional world. They want you to adopt the traditional opportunities and thus limit you’re out of the box thinking.

5-No Career Orientation: Lack of career orientation has marked many difficulties for the students as they become unable to make decisions about their professional lives. If one belongs to a field where there are various specialties, then it becomes a problem to decide which way to go.

6-Work Experience: Students in Arab universities are rarely encouraged to opt for jobs during their studies which result in no or very less experience at the time when they enter the job market. This lack of experience makes it difficult for them to find the right opportunities after graduating.

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7-Lack of Self-promotion and Negotiation Skills: A big problem for many fresh Arab graduates is that they suffer from poor self-image, resulting in a poor representation of their strengths and thus fail to negotiate a good deal for them. This also led to employers exploit the fresh graduates on unjust terms and conditions. 

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8-Tough Decision of Moving Abroad or Staying Home: Since the availability of satisfactory job opportunities in most of the Arab countries is very few, so one must make a tough decision that whether they will move out to other countries for better jobs or should they stay home and accept low-paying jobs.

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