Saudi wife donates her Kidney to her French Husband

Khalifa Qandouzi illness: A French patient has been successfully transplanted with a donated kidney by surgeons at the Saudi German Hospital. It was a case of hereditary disease, where a patient of 46 years old man suffered a kidney failure for several years. His siblings were also facing the same issues.

Khalifa Qandouzi illness reached a very crucial level that his creatinine level went up to 17.5 mg/dl and he was recommended to be ready for a regular dialysis.

Nawal, his wife aged 42 at this time donated her kidney to her husband so that his life can be saved. Due to the progressing bad condition, doctors had already advised that dialysis should be carried out. The one-time donation of his wife saved him from the painful procedure of dialysis.

The wife who donated the kidney risked her life to save her husband’s life thus registering another event of women sacrifice that she is used to of making in her whole life for her family. After realizing that her husband had no other way left than dialysis she decided to take this daring decision of donating her kidney for him.

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It was a difficult case: The surgical team of the hospital called it a very difficult case. As the case was of critical nature so many pre-surgery evaluations were conducted for several months.

After the operation was done, the follow-ups also had to be done with the utmost care because of the reason that the tissue matching between the donor and the patient was very low.

Despite all the criticalities, the patient managed it successfully and left the hospital after several days of operations. After the operation, his blood creatinine dropped to a level of 0.9 mg/dl.

5th Kidney Transplant in the Saudi German Hospital: This operation has marked the 5th successful kidney transplant operation for Saudi German Hospital.

This is not the first example of women sacrifice rather the whole society is filled with many examples where women have not only sacrificed their professional careers for their families but rather their own health, their dreams, aspirations they liking or disliking is always been kept at secondary level by her and she is used to of keeping her family and duties towards them ahead of everything.

The woman, the second name of sacrifice: Women in different capacities have different roles to play like she is a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife and many more. It is evident that she is always trying to make efforts to perform every role in the best possible manner.

Source: Saudi Gazette