Indian Muslim to donate the largest copy of the Holy Quran to Makkah Library

A manuscript copy of the Holy Quran is ready to be presented to the Grand Mosque library in Makkah. This manuscript is claimed to be the largest in the world.

Who has written it? It is written by a telecommunication engineer named Mammed Chatholiparambil who was working in a state-owned Telecommunication Company in India. He has now retired from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). He singlehandedly managed to make this entire effort.

He had the dream to write down the entire verses of the Holy Quran and it took him six years to complete the task. He is also planning to register his achievement in the Guinness Book of World Records.

4781 Indian Muslim to donate the largest copy of the Holy Quran to Makkah Library

He wanted to do the job since his childhood: Saudi Gazette reported that the man who hailed from the Perinthalmanna in the Malappuram district of the southern Indian state of Kerala had this wish for over half a century and he really cherished it after it was completed.

He told the Saudi Gazette sources, that after his retirement from the government job he devoted himself completely towards this task of writing the verses of the Quran. He kept on working on one chapter after the other and he completely kept his work in uniformity to the Othmani script of the Holy book.

It is in the process of being checked: Through trial and error, he finally managed to complete the manuscript and now it is undergoing strict scrutiny. It is also being verified and matched with the other Othmani scripts of Holy Quran to point any discrepancy.

Talking about the details of the manuscript he added that the manuscript copy has 604 pages that are exactly equal to the other Othmani scripts of Holy Quran. He got hold of the Othmani script of Quran from Madina several years ago when he came there for Hajj.

4781 Indian Muslim to donate the largest copy of the Holy Quran to Makkah Library 02

The dimensions of the manuscript include the length of 94.5 cm, the width of 62 cm, and a thickness of 6.5cm. After his retirement, the work on this manuscript was started by him in January 2013. The Rocco calligraphy 20 mm pen was used by him whose weight itself was 38 kg which needed quite an effort.

Mammed considers that his efforts are not much as compared to the efforts and pains which the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions had to take while the collection and compilation of Quran were done at the time of his revelations and afterward.

The evolution of the manuscript of the first copy of the Holy Quran: The Quran was revealed on our last Prophet (PBUH) orally through the angel Gabriel and it took 23 years for this complete process. The Quran was only present in the memory of his companions and it was not written or compiled somewhere.

Only a few parts of it were written on the parchment, stone, palm leaves and the shoulder blades of camels. The written compilation of the Quran was done after the death of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

4781 Indian Muslim to donate the largest copy of the Holy Quran to Makkah Library 01

The collection of all the Quranic material was done on the order of Hazrat Abu Bakr, the first caliph of Muslims. Othman Bin Affan, the third caliph of Islam in his tenure finalized the final written copy in Othmani script.

The standardization of the text was also done in his time and it is considered as the exact record of the revelations that were delivered to Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Source: Saudi Gazette