10 things Arab parents do during every road trip

Many Arab think that their parents react offensively every time and they rage at too many unnecessary things. Some Arab children feel uncomfortable while planning their trip with their parents, why is it so? It is said, Arab love, their cars and they love traveling by car no matter how long the distance is or how much money will be spent on the trip and fuel along with the long-time taking trip.

They will simply say no to travel by plane and will end up paying triple money on the trip expenses. Being an Arab kid, you might have witnessed these 10 things from your parents during your road trip with them.

1-Time taking trip: No matter how much distance you must travel, and you have traveled so far, your parents will always underestimate the time you needed to reach your destination. “We’ll be there in a blink of an eye” this is the sentence you will always listen from your parent’s during every road trip.

2-They know the way: Your driver will never admit he doesn’t know the way until he takes more than 10 wrong turns to find out the right way.

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3-They will go so far in the wrong direction: The driver will go so far in the wrong direction but will never ever try to ask the direction from anyone not even from the Google map and this thing tortures the most.

4-They will stop at unnecessary points: No matter how far you must travel, or you are trying to reach there on time, your parents will stop the car at every unnecessary stop just to buy useless or unnecessary items.

5-Stay dehydrated: You are not allowed to drink water in the car because driving water will make you pee, and you will literally get scolded if anyone from you gets caught drinking water. You will have to follow the strict rule and stay dehydrated for a long time.

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6-No phones: Another basic restriction during the road trip. They will scream at you if they catch you using a phone in the car. So, it is better for you to restrain yourself from using a mobile phone inside the car.

7-Unoccupied seats: Many Arab believe that the proverb, “The more the merrier” was just written for Arabs because Arab parents will never leave an unoccupied seat in a car.

They will just occupy the space with anything or they will invite someone unexpectedly to join the trip just because they don’t want to leave an empty space in the car.

8-Complain about the trip: There is always a member of the family who always complains about the road trip. It is often heard that no Road trip complete without any complaint.

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9-Eating spot: No matter, whatever the situation is, this is the truth that you know, there is one such spot your parent will have to visit no matter whatever happens. They will insist you too to say that this place has the best food or coffee.

10-They will turn up 80’s jam really loud: They will turn up the 80’s jam really really loud and you will never be allowed to switch the music and play your favorite track.

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