Why do Hindus drink cow urine?

The cow is taken as a holy being in Hinduism: Hinduism is a vast religion, old and diverse as well. It has different customs and cultures blend in within. There are different branches and divisions in Hinduism, like almost all the religions being practiced. Hinduism is majorly practiced in India, also known as Hindustan.

The majority of Hindus reside in India. Their rituals and religious landmarks, history and even beliefs are land-based and located in India. The cow is taken as a holy being in Hinduism. They worship it and never ever treat it like an animal. They do not eat beef and slaughtering is strictly banned in many parts of India.

A research center to find out the benefits of its urine: One can find cows roaming on main roads and freely, without any bounds. They can roam where ever they wish. We often hear a practice done by Hindus which hits us like a surprise, and also way too odd. Some Hindus drink the urine of Cow as their religious belief.

In some parts of India, cow urine, known as Gomatra is taken as a medicine for the cure of disease.  North Indian Hindus worship Gomata, cow as we know, and South Indians worship beef delicacies and they have even made a research center to find out the benefits of its urine.

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It is sold as an expensive commodity: The idea is gross, and many of the Hindus living in urban areas do not follow or believe in such medical benefits. But there are some parts where the cow urine is even sold in bottles, and widely taken as a medicine for the cure of diabetes, cancer, eczema, asthma and such few fatal life-threatening diseases.

The spiritual leaders, like Ram Dev, are doing a business of cow urine and as we all know that religion plays a vital role in such matters. Hindu community is crazy to buy and use this. They not only drink cow’s urine but they also apply it to their whole body thinking it sacred and beneficial.

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As per their belief, drinking cow urine helps them fight many diseases: It is their belief that drinking cow urine daily in some prescribed quantity can help the human body to fight hundreds of diseases. India’s oldest Holy texts have considered cow as a mobile dispensary. Moreover, they consider it a good plant manure.

According to Ayurveda, the main cause of all diseases is an imbalance of mucus, bile, and air. They say cow urine possess the chemical that balances these three forms and helps in curing diseases. We shall not go into the scientific debate because science may have contradictions and mostly Hindus take is as a part of their belief that it is beneficial.

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It is their belief that the benefits of using cow urine are scientifically proven. It is beyond my imagination that how Hindus think an animal, its urine, and dung as a Holy thing. However, it is their belief, but as a Muslim, I totally disagree with all this.

I don’t think that cow urine is beneficial for any human being in any form. I don’t think there are any scientifically proven benefits of this thing and no one would ever appreciate to drink cow’s urine.

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