Saudi Family gifts a car and a heavy gold set to their worker on his farewell

He served the Saudi family for 35 years: In recent days, we have seen that many Saudi families have honored their expat house helpers, the trend seems to continue. Now another family has made a similar and kind gesture. A Saudi family bid a farewell to their expat worker who had hailed all the way from Egypt to serve them.

The Egyptian worker served them for 35 years and had become part of the family. However, it was now the time for him to reunite with his own family back home and leave Saudi Arabia. For sure, 35 years of service and 35 years of living away from the family was quite enough time.

When it was the time for him to leave, the family ought to make it a memorable one and honor him for his tireless efforts. The family shared an emotional video on social media of the farewell party that was held in Najran city of Saudi Arabia.

The worker was gifted with some expensive gifts which included a car, few honor shields, and many more things.

Viral Video: The worker named Mane'an Al Haydar, received these gifts at a party thrown by his boss which was accompanied by the family and family relatives. When the worker saw such a pleasant gesture, he could not hold back his emotions and tears shed from his eyes.

Soon the footage and the story went viral on social media and people couldn’t resist appreciating the kind gesture. Indeed, workers are also human beings and have emotions. It is thereby necessary to respect their emotions and honor them.

It is not necessary that one shall give them extravagant gifts. One can gift them according to their pockets and the need of the worker. I do appreciate the act of this family of honoring their work with such honorable gifts. For others, I would say that you should opt for things according to your pocket. Small gestures also add a lot.

This trend of honoring the workers is melting the hearts of many and we shall always appreciate such kind acts. This way the goodwill spreads and evil will vanish away. We could always make good use of everything; be it social media or other.

In the recent past, a Filipino worker was honored by the Saudi family who had given 29 years of service to the family. Moreover, Menyam an expat worker was honored by the Saudi family for providing services to them. We hope to see such kind gestures in the future as well.

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