7 most popular and beautiful Islamic architectures in the World

Islamic architecture includes a wide range of both secular and religious architectures from the foundation of Islam to the present day. With some inspiration drawn from Byzantine Empire, Mesopotamia and Persia, Islamic empire spread rapidly across the world, many historical and beautiful mosques were built during Byzantine and Ottoman Empire and Mughal Empire.

This world is full of beautiful and popular Islamic architectures like mosques, forts, palaces, and tombs that act as an eye-catching attraction for people. Some of the most popular Islamic architectures are mentioned below;

1-SULTAN AHMAD BLUE MOSQUE, TURKEY: Sultan Ahmad Mosque is a historical mosque and popular tourist site located in Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey. It was constructed between 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Sultan Ahmad.

The mosque interior wall is decorated with hand-painted blue tiles. At night time the mosque is bathed in blue light. Blue as light frame the mosque’s five main domes, eight secondary domes, and six minarets.

2-THE GREAT MOSQUE OF CORDOBA, SPAIN: This mosque was built at the time Muslim ruled Al-Andalus in the late 8th century and is located in the Spanish region of Andalusia. It is believed that the place where this mosque is built was actually a Temple, which later turned to Church and then into Mosque.

The structure of this mosque is said to be one of the most accomplished monuments of Moorish Architecture.

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3-MIR-I-ARAB MADRASSA, UZBEKISTAN: This Madrassa is the historic center of Uzbekistan.it was founded in the 16th century. This madrassa was working Islamic seminary from the 16th century to 1920. It remained closed for 24 years and was reopened by Stalin in 1944 in an effort to gain Muslim’s favor.

This Madrassa is beautifully tiled and stand out against the mostly brown building around it. Two luminous blue domes of this madrassa enhance its beauty.

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4-THE ISFAHAN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE CENTER, IRAN: The Isfahan conference center is basically an eight-story building consisting shopping mall, 5-star hotel and conference center with auditorium building and administrative wing.

It was built to host 118 international delegations. It has banquet facilities, offices, meeting rooms, and broadcast media Center.

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5-THE JAMIA MASJID OF DELHI: The Jama Masjid of Delhi is one of the largest Mosque of India. It was built by Shah Jahan, A Mughal Emperor.

It was built between 1644 and 1656 with three great gates, four towers and two minarets constructed of strips of red sandstone and white marble. More than 25,000 people can get in its courtyard.

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6-THE DOME OF THE ROCK SHRINE, PALESTINE: The dome of the rock shrine is an Islamic monument located on the temple-mosque in the old city of Jerusalem. It is one of the oldest existing work of the Islamic Architecture. It has been called Jerusalem’s most recognizable landmark.

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7-MOHAMMAD ALI MOSQUE IN EGYPT: Mohammad Ali Mosque is situated in the citadel of Cairo the capital of Egypt. It was customized by Mohammad Ali Pasha from 1830 to 1848. He built this mosque in memory of Tusun Pasha, his oldest son who died in 1816.

This mosque is considered as one of the beautiful landmark and tourist attractions of Cairo. It is one of the first features to be seen when approaching the city in any direction.

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