Saudi authorities fire a teacher for beating a student severely

A Viral Video: Saudi authorities have fired a teacher for beating his student. The public prosecutors have been handed over his case. In Asir governorate, a video of a teacher gone viral in which he was found beating his student. Saudi authorities fired him almost after the year this incident took place.

Earlier this week, the footage did develop outrage in the Kingdom when it was widely viewed online. After a few hours, a full-scale investigation was being ordered by the Asir’s governor Prince Faisal bin Khaled who wanted to get the insight into the details.

The teacher was an Egyptian Expat: After the matter was investigated a statement came from the spokesperson of the governorate's Education Authority, Mohammad Al Fifi, that the person who was involved in the incident has been identified.

The representative also stated that it has been confirmed that the incident took place last year and one of the classmates of the victim filmed the entire incident.

The teacher was an Egyptian expat based in Saudi Arabia, and during the investigation, he admitted that he did assault the student. The reason which he stated for his behavior was that the student was disruptive in the class.

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His contract has been terminated by the Education Ministry: In the initial stage, the contract of the teacher has been terminated with the Asir's Education Authority while his case is also forwarded to the governorate's public prosecutor for further action.

Since the filming of the incident is also a violation of the rules so the student has also been referred to the concerned education authorities for capturing the incident on camera.

The reaction of the public: The Saudi Twitter also felt the shock waves of the video capturing the incident. There has been a mix reaction of the people in response to it. Few defended the teacher for his action.

Many said that if the teacher is continuously asking the student to stop talking who responded by saying that he won’t. What kind of a reaction you would expect from a teacher if his student is misbehaving. According to the supporters, the student was ill-mannered and should have been punished.

However, a majority was annoyed by it saying that this is unfortunate that this incident took place. People rated it as a heartbreaking footage and expressed their hatred for the teacher.

The incident left many people upset also, who think that it is not good for this education sector and rather unfortunate that in this developed world still many educators have not developed the capabilities to handle the teenagers and they are still using the outdated techniques to maintain the discipline.

Few demanded from the authorities that action should be taken against the teacher. He should either be fired or deported from the country.

What to do with the boy who filmed the incident? After the action has been taken by concerned authorities there is a sigh of relief for many. But the action taken against the student who filmed the incident is not much welcomed. People believe he should be rewarded rather than punishment.

This is not the first incident of its type. Earlier this year another teacher was banned from teaching after he was proven guilty of beating a student brutally.

Source: Sabq

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